Special Issue

  • On the Gazette’s Redesign

    The new logo doesn’t say, “trust me.” Now it just whispers “I’m from Toronto,” or, more specifically, “My design was outsourced to Hamilton.”

  • OK Computer Riot

    A Look Back at Concordia’s Greatest Protest, 45 Years Later

    Concordia University, which took its name from Montreal’s motto of “well-being through harmony”, was once the site of flagrant strife. From the way the university’s administration treats its own history, a more accurate inspiration would be “well-being through sticking your head in the sand.”

  • CSIS and Desist: Interview With Glen Greenwald

    Greenwald Discusses Reporting on Canadian State Surveillance and Media Reaction to Alleged Terrorism

    “There was just one person at the CBC who basically hung up the reporting.”

  • A Look Into the Lives of Full-Time YouTubers

    How do you make money on Youtube?

  • Welcome to Concordia

    For some of you this fall marks your first semester at Concordia; for others it’s your first time living in Montreal altogether. It can be very overwhelming moving to a city like Montreal and settling in at a university as big as Concordia—we know, we’ve been there, too.

  • How To Protest in Montreal (And How Not To)

    It’s important to have your wits about you while you participate in a protest. For that reason, we’ve put together a handy guide on what you should know before taking to the streets.

  • Loyola 101

    Surviving Concordia’s N.D.G. Campus

    Whether it’s your first year in university or just your first class at Loyola, finding yourself on a new campus can be a bit overwhelming. The Loyola campus often gives students the impression that they’re somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

  • Where to Get Your Grub On

    Patati Patata is the stuff legends are made of. Dirt cheap and wonderful, this tiny spot serves up great fries, great BLTs, great fish burgers—come to think of it, everything they serve is pretty great. An average menu item will only set you back a few dollars, so feel free to order everything that tickles your fancy.

  • Finding Diamonds in the Rough

    Montreal Thrift Shops Worth Checking Out

    For those who prefer to avoid the touristy crowds of Ste. Catherine St., with its impersonal fast fashion and shoddy quality, secondhand stores can be a godsend.

  • Cycle City

    A Guide to Montreal’s Best Local Bike Shops

    In a city where metro shutdowns and painfully long lines for the 105 bus are seemingly constant problems, sometimes the fastest (and most enjoyable) way to get where you’re going is on two wheels. Whether you’re cycling just for the heck of it, or using it as your main means of transportation, Montreal is a great place to experience by bike.