‘wandering afflictions’

Please enjoy this poem by Mégan.

Construction underway. Photo Stella Mazurek

“I fear she is afflicted with melancholy,”  uttered a hushed voice across my door.  

Today, my delusions cast me in an old-timey movie.  


The doctor has left my room,  

told me nothing. 


He elucidates my fictional husband: 

“I fear she is afflicted with melancholy.” 


Alone, I sit and sigh.  


I sit, wander, and sway 

through the towers 

of my suburban castle 

dragging my fuzzy socks  

across the floors 

my pyjamas and robe billowing 


Always in between  

hunger and nausea 

good and bad mood

giggles and tears

shallow and deep breaths


I fear this will never cease 

until one day I forget it ever happened 

never having found the solution 

never having found the cause 


Until of course 

it comes back  

and again, 

I wander my castle

This article originally appeared in The Sidewalk Issue, published April 5, 2022.