Jayde Norström

  • CASA-led Protest Against Austerity Measures

    Hundred-strong march quickly declared illegal, ends without arrests

    The march was declared illegal by Montreal police as soon as the speeches ended. Police presence was heavy throughout the protest, although no arrests were made.

  • ENCS Council Candidate Kyle Arseneau Disqualified From CSU Elections

    Facebook Post Leads to CSU Election Regulations Violation

    Engineering and computer science councillor Kyle Arseneau was found to be in violation of the CSU’s Election Regulations and has been disqualified from running this year.

  • Centre for Gender Advocacy Seeks Fee Levy Increase

    Eight Cents Per Credit to Cover Inflation, New Campaigns

    The Centre for Gender Advocacy currently receives $0.29 per credit from undergraduate students, but a referendum question to be featured in the upcoming Concordia Student Union general elections seeks to raise that amount by $0.08.

  • Bringing Prostitution Out of the Shadows

    The New Zealand Model Could Benefit Canada

    The decriminalization of prostitution is a touchy subject, with people on both sides of the argument claiming to be fighting for the safety of those working in the trade.

  • Prostitution Laws: What’s After Decriminalization

    Concordia-hosted Panel Debates New Sex Work Legal Models

    In a major decision made last year, the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously struck down three prostitution laws on street solicitation, brothels and living off the avails of prostitution.

  • Who Doesn’t Like Smashing Things?

    Our creative team went through a variety of ideas to illustrate fee levy reform. In the end, the smashed piggy bank idea won hands down.

  • Concordia Briefs

    Bite-sized Concordia news to get you primed and ready for the last sprint of the school year.

  • Engineering a Culture of Respect

    Faculty History No Excuse for Inappropriate Chants

    While students should be capable of understanding the difference between song lyrics and real life, the reality is that women aged 18 to 24 experience the highest rates of sexual violence in the country.

  • A Fifty-Minute Effort

    Second-Period Slump Costs Stingers in 6-2 Loss to Martlets

    If Sunday’s game against the McGill Martlets was a preview of what’s to come, the Stingers women’s hockey team’s first postseason appearance since the 2010-2011 season might be a brief one.

  • Smelling is Believing

    Norwegian Scent Artist Sissel Tolaas to Tantalize Concordia with Hexagram Lecture

    For humans, our not-so-keen sense of smell is often overlooked in favour of the more popular senses—seeing a red-and-purple-splashed sunset, or hearing a complex, brilliant symphony. But for Norwegian scent artist and “professional in-betweener” Sissel Tolaas, our sense of smell is her bread and butter.

  • Robots Eating Apples

    New Art Exhibitions Blur the Lines Between Human and Robot

    When art meets technology, strange and wonderful things are created.

  • Nah’msayin?

    The Bell Tolls 57 Times for Thee

    Here’s the thing about doorbells: They exist to grab your attention.