Emily Campbell

  • Special Issue

    Reimagining Waste

    Engineers at Montreal-based Terragon Inc. want to change the way the world views its trash—to consider it rather, as fuel.

  • Opinions

    Dishonourable Discharge

    As I was travelling home by metro this week, I was greeted by a new advertising campaign directly targeting my gender.

  • Opinions

    Why I’m Stepping Down as CUTV Chair

    I’m Emily Campbell, I study broadcast journalism and political science at Concordia University and I am the chair of the board of directors of Community University Television in Montreal.

  • News

    “A New Chapter”

    They may have lost their iconic frontman last week, but CLASSE is ready to kickstart a new chapter in the student movement.

  • News

    ConU Cancer Breakthrough

    It seemed like a miracle when Concordia’s Biology department published their discoveries on the effects of lithocholic acid, but the scientists involved warn the public not to get ahead of themselves.

  • News

    Concordia ‘Staches’ Cash

    Over $7500 have been raised by a Concordia Movember team in the fight against prostate cancer—and the campaign isn’t over yet. The team consists of 34 co-ed members from Concordia’s Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology,

  • Fringe Arts

    Addicted to Humour

    I introduced myself to O’Shea a few days earlier, at an open mic at The Works, a hole-in-the-wall Montreal comedy club. That night, he won over the audience with dirty jokes about eating pussy and a dating service for the suicidal. He was voted best of open mic by the audience—news to him, because he’d left right after his set.

  • News

    Tea-ing Off Security

    Members and sympathizers of Concordia’s culture-jamming club überculture had a near run-in with Montreal police on Oct. 18—for drinking tea.A rotating group of five to six activists sat on the floor of the foyer of the Hall Building for their annual tea party in a peaceful publicity stunt to protest the lack of student space.

  • News

    Hundreds ‘Die’ Near Phillip’s Square

    Hundreds of protestors staged their death at the corner of Ste. Catherine Street West and McGill College Avenue on Sept 22.