• Editorial

    An Attack On Democracy?

    Before getting into the various reasons that we need to address issues relating to political transparency,

  • Sex & Pancakes

    Women have relied on the pill as their go-to method of birth control for decades. Today it’s still the most popular and commonly used form of birth control, aside from the condom.

  • Disconnected

    Students In Residence Want An Explanation

    Concordia’s Instructional and Information Services have been disconnecting students in residence from the Internet, leaving them without access to the web for days on end.

  • Oman’s Comfortable Revolution

    After spending forty days and forty nights in Oman, I attended a sit-in in front of the Majlis ash-Shura (Consultative Council) in Muscat.

  • Nahmsayin’

    Rez High

    It’s a pretty sad signifier when University students can’t make the distinction between an apartment building and a residence building.

  • Snack Attack

    Students Should Be Allowed To Eat in the Library

    I must vent. As a student of Concordia and an occupant of our library during cram sessions,

  • Academia, Apartheid and the Ties that Bind

    I met Ashraf Jabaar three years ago in Ramallah, part of occupied Palestine. Ashraf had just successfully led a campaign at his school, the Arab American University of Jenin

  • Sex and Pancakes

    My boyfriend and I are both into talking dirty. More specifically, he likes calling me names and stuff. This really turns me on too, but all of my girlfriends tell me that I’m letting him degrade me,

  • Editorial

    Wake Up Call

    It’s been quite the week here for Concordia University. It’s been the kind of week that makes you stop and wonder, what the hell is going on here?

  • Sex & Pancakes

    Dear Melissa,

    I totally know how to you use a condom. You just put it on and you’re good to go, right? Okay, so I made that question up. But with good reason! Over the past week, three people have asked me questions about condoms that I thought were general knowledge.