• The Faubourg Question

    After the student centre by-election failed by a large margin last semester, the CSU executive responded to the results by stating on their website that they “are listening” to students.

  • Misconceptions

    I am tempted to respond to the questionable journalistic integrity expressed by Mr. Giovannetti in last issue’s “commentary” of his council of student representatives.

  • Praise For Morgan

    After almost two years of campaigning for a tuition freeze with Free Education Montreal, I can say that I have never seen a CSU executive work so hard for tuition freeze and student democracy as Morgan Pudwell.

  • Vote Diana

    Diana Sitoianu never does anything with half an effort. For as long as I have known her, she has approached everything she does with a joy and tenacity that’s impossible not to be excited and supportive about.

  • Inaccurate and Distorted

    Your report “Donations Plummet with University Crisis,” (Vol. 31, Iss. 21, Pg. 3) made for a grim reading, largely due to its inaccuracies and distortions.

  • Vote Diana

    Upon first meeting Diana Sitoianu, I couldn’t believe that one person could be so dedicated and have so much pride in their school.

  • Diana for VP

    I’m not going to write about how great of a friend Diana Sitoianu has been to me, or even about the amazing person I have had the fortune of meeting.

  • Support Gordon

    In the short time that Aaron Green has been President of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations

  • Missed a Spot

    I’ve read with great interest all of The Link’s articles and editorials surrounding the issue of university governance in the past few months, including articles on the actions and motions of senate this past week.

  • Who’s being Naive?

    At the CSU Council meeting held Jan. 12, Council voted down a resolution calling for the resignation of all external Board members.