• Concerning The Link ‘s Integrity

    If the Concordia Student Union executive team are North America’s leaders of tomorrow, I’m glad I moved to the Eastern hemisphere.

  • Boycott Israel, Boycott God

    An article published in The Link (Vol. 31 Iss. 25, Pg. 24) is completely erroneous. I must take issue with statements about Israel made by Aaron Lakoff.

  • Support Pudwell

    The article “All is Not Well” (Vol.31, Iss. 25 pg.03) was quite shocking.

  • ‘Flabbergasted’

    After watching some of CUTV’s footage of the Concordia Student Union meeting that took place on Wednesday, March 9, 2011, I feel obliged to say something.

  • Only Morgan

    When you get involved with fighting for accessible education and against tuition increases, you quickly discover that many student representatives are virtuosos at both pretending to take action and

  • A Catalyst For Change?

    I am writing to you concerning the recent resignation of CSU VP Sustainability & Promotions Morgan Pudwell.

  • Disappointing, but Warranted

    Hearing of Morgan Pudwell’s resignation from the Concordia Student Union was disappointing. She has been a consistent strong voice and an incredibly hard worker.

  • Crossed Wires

    I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding at the February 9th CSU council meeting.

  • Extended Gratitude

    The Cinema Students Association is disappointed to learn that the current CSU executive was not willing to work with Morgan Pudwell,

  • Support Pudwell

    With the noble resignation of Concordia Student Union executive Morgan Pudwell, students are losing a rare voice of compassion and reason.