Kudos to Khalil

My name is Stefan Faina, I am the VP External of the Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association for the 2010-2011 academic year.

I have worked together with Khalil Haddad on several projects that CUPA put together for the students we represent.

I am privileged to work with him and can vouch for his impeccable management skills. He has a remarkable in-depth understanding and appreciation for the constitutional rules that all executives are required to know. He is fiercely dedicated and hardworking. He does his best everyday to represent and serve the psychology students, while contributing significantly to the other university-related responsibilities he is involved with.

With us, his CUPA team, he understands the concept of democracy and hearing others out when it is called for, taking action and making executive decisions when deliberating is no-longer useful. He can stay strong when others become overwhelmed with pressure and stay focused when others are distracted. But perhaps his best attribute is his ability to, no matter how busy he is, almost magically create a time slot where he will sit down with you and discuss.

There are many virtues that make a good leader, but there are very few leaders that possess many virtues. With the talent and experience he is sure to provide, Khalil Haddad is one of these leaders.

I am very confident that the Concordia Student Union would be amazing under Khalil’s leadership and would highly recommend all students to vote for team Action on March 29, 30 and 31.

—Stefan Faina,
VP External,
Concordia Psychology Association