You Can Trust Tanya

I met Tanya Ng a year ago, and would say that she has become one of my closest friends. Ever since I started at the John Molson International Exchange Committee as VP Events, Tanya was and always is there by my side no matter what.
When I got very sick before one of our biggest events (JIC goes to NYC 2010), Tanya was the only one that told me that she would take over so that I could rest and get better. Even though her position this year on JIC was VP Internal, she outdid herself and helped in every aspect of the team: events, marketing, academics, recruitment, etc.
On a more personal level, I have grown to trust Tanya in a matter of months and personally believe that she is one of the most honest and caring people I know. She is the kind of person that will stay up all night with a friend just to make sure they are doing alright. I am so grateful to Concordia University for bringing those friendships to life.
As a friend and a co-“JICer”, I see Tanya being one of the most trustworthy, hardworking and honest people I know for this position.
I believe that if she becomes VP Finance for the CSU with team Action she will not back out of her job and make sure that it is done properly, while helping the whole team at the same time.
Tanya wants to make sure that the money spent by the CSU is money well spent, and that this challenge will only make her stronger and an even better person than she is today. I am so proud of what she has accomplished thus far and I will support her and team Action throughout their campaign.
—Zuzanna Chudzinski,
VP Events John Molson International Exchange Committee