‘Everything Has Changed’

Your Concordia has inspired me.

That much enthusiasm, positive attitude to change things and encouraging students to get involved… I have never seen it before. Not only are they standing up for us, but they actually care about our opinions.

In the beginning, I just thought, “here’s another election.” I never even bother to go vote because I know that they always make promises but never fulfill them.

This team makes me believe in myself—someone like me, a “normal undergraduate student” who never bothered to go and see what is going on in the university or picked up campus newspaper (sorry The Link).

But now everything has changed, now I want to participate, vote for them and tell my friends to vote for them. It made me believe that if you want to make a difference, it can actually happen.

It is amazing how much they care and it shows when you actually talk to them. I have talked to many students who are running for Your Concordia and have had particularly long chats with Irmak Bahar and Gonzo Nieto.

I can tell for sure that they can make the Concordia community so much better than it has been in the past.

They’re not just about the talking—they get things done.

Now, after looking at Your Concordia I want to open my own student club, which I have been thinking about for a year but have never tried to get it going. Now it is amazing to feel proud of my idea and to be hopeful to do something at Concordia and Your Concordia is responsible for this hope in me.

This is the end of my second year at Concordia and it is the first time that I want to be involved in my school. And it’s all because of a team called Your Concordia.

—Shaima Shoaib,