• Yes to Student Center

    When most people say that school is a home away from home, they don’t mean the classroom. Seriously, in what way is a classroom similar to a living room, a kitchen or a bedroom? Might they by any chance mean a student centre?

  • Cinema Politica’s Got Beef

    You can imagine that myself and other organizers of Cinema Politica Concordia were quite thrilled to finally see some The Link coverage (Everything on the Table [Vol. 31, Iss. 10, Pg. 06]) of our campus-based, free-for-students, and ongoing documentary film series at Concordia (every Monday night, all are welcome!).

  • Don’t Bottle It Up

    In recent weeks, the students of Concordia have been overlooked and ignored by university administration. Their business-as-usual approach to signing secret and exclusive contracts with major corporations is a practice that has gone on for far too long.

  • CFS Against Pepsi

    We are saddened to see that Pepsi is advertising their Pepsi Refresh Project on Concordia campus despite the opposition voiced by the Concordia Student Union. Pepsi also approached the Dawson Student Union about promoting their project on our campus; however, due to their unethical business practices, we declined.

  • Shout Out From a Shill

    I read with interest the article written by Joel Balsam that appeared in the October 27, 2010, edition of The Link entitled, “TAPthirst, uberculture and QPIRG Dump Hundreds of Plastic Bottles on Campus.” [Editors Note: This is incorrect. The article did not appear in Vol. 31, Issue 11 of The Link but was web-only content on thelinknewspaper.ca.]

  • Co-op Bookstore Salutes You

    I am writing this letter to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you, on behalf of all of us (past and present) at the Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore.

  • Canada’s Reputation in Shambles

    Last week, the international community said no to the Harper Conservatives’ bid for a UN Security Council seat. This loss confirms one thing: that Canada is no longer an “honest broker” welcomed by the world, but a country in isolation.

  • Polarized Polaris Prize

    You’d figure that the president of the Canadian University Press would know how to write a non-biased article; unfortunately, it seems like Erin Cauchi has to take a few more objective journalism courses next semester.

  • Voting Matters

    As young adults trying to make our way through university, we are constantly overwhelmed with obligations and commitments that consistently push us to the limit. As a result, many students find it convenient to remove themselves from student politics and concentrate on their studies.

  • A tribute to Jazz

    Walking the halls of Concordia, it won’t take long to see something inspiring. A glimpse of hope in a hopeless world thriving off 24-hour news channels littered with stories of the worst that humanity has to offer.