Your CSU

I would like to say congratulations to everyone who is running in the CSU elections.

It is touching to see how much time and effort students are putting into our student union during election time.

However, when it comes to voting, I stand behind the team that I know will continue working this hard next year to improve CSU for students, which is why my vote will be for Your Concordia.

I have had the privilege with working and personally knowing many people on the Your Concordia slate, all of whom are truly amazing individuals. They are a positive, diverse, strong and passionate group of students who I know will work hard to represent the students responsibly and fairly.

In past years the CSU has had many troubling incidents, especially regarding transparency, and not enough change has been made to make the CSU as great as I know it can be.

I know Your Concordia is the fresh face that CSU needs to make positive changes because of their devotion to students and their strong work ethic.

Overall, CSU is a powerful union that represents Concordia’s students. It is largely funded by students’ money, and therefore I hope students educate themselves to make an informed vote at the end of March.

Personally, I believe Your Concordia is made up of student leaders who sincerely care about Concordia’s student body, and who strive to work for a better union than we’ve seen in the past. I look forward to saying that our CSU is run by such individuals.

—Sophia Mitchell
Studio Arts