• Crisis of Culture in BoG

    Just before the holidays, the departure of Concordia’s president, Judith Woodsworth, was made known before anyone had time to object.

  • Speak up on V-Day

    Tired of feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day?

  • Welcome back

    The Concordia Student Union executives would like to wish you a happy new year and a warm welcome back to campus! We hope that you got to unwind properly before hitting the books again and are looking forward to another semester full of new and exciting things here at the CSU

  • Students Needs to Know

    As a Concordia student and staff, I have been following this nonsensical problem going on between the student body, administration and Pepsi. I actually just wanted to ask you guys a question, and if possible I think that this question should be directed to the university.

  • Student Wants More Info

    I am writing because I am against the fee increase for the student centre. There are several reasons why, but the main one is the secrecy that is surrounding the project.

  • Student Centre History Repeated

    Having read your article last week titled An Affordability Issue: Property CEO [Vol. 31, Iss. 14, Pg. 4] I could not help but notice that Jonathan Wener, who helped promote the proposed student centre at ASFA council, was mentioned in a previous The Link article.

  • Weed Culture Still Budding

    A couple of years ago I was in Amsterdam on April 20 with a buddy from Victoria, B.C. At an establishment called Coffeeshop, Johnny, a clerk, chatted us up, lamenting on the demise of the cannabis cafe in the Netherlands. I told the clerk to not be discouraged.

  • Yes to Student Center

    When most people say that school is a home away from home, they don’t mean the classroom. Seriously, in what way is a classroom similar to a living room, a kitchen or a bedroom? Might they by any chance mean a student centre?

  • Cinema Politica’s Got Beef

    You can imagine that myself and other organizers of Cinema Politica Concordia were quite thrilled to finally see some The Link coverage (Everything on the Table [Vol. 31, Iss. 10, Pg. 06]) of our campus-based, free-for-students, and ongoing documentary film series at Concordia (every Monday night, all are welcome!).

  • Don’t Bottle It Up

    In recent weeks, the students of Concordia have been overlooked and ignored by university administration. Their business-as-usual approach to signing secret and exclusive contracts with major corporations is a practice that has gone on for far too long.