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    Forward Anthony De Luca Off to Great Start in Stingers Rookie Season

    The first time Stingers men’s hockey forward Anthony De Luca skated was when he was two years old. It was during a snowstorm, and he didn’t even have a proper rink to skate on.

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    ASFA By-Election Doesn’t Meet Quorum

    After three days of voting, the Arts and Sciences Federation of Associations did not get their $0.12 fee-levy increase.

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    CSU Appoints New Finance Coordinator

    Thomas David-Bashore has been appointed as the new finance coordinator of the Concordia Student Union. He was voted in through a secret ballot during a special council meeting on Nov. 30, by the CSU council.

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    CSU Council Passes Migrant Justice Position

    A sanctuary campus would protect undocumented students from investigations on their migrant status and deportation. It would also allow them access to services around campus, and the rights given to everyone else regardless of their documentation.

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    ASFA 2016 By-Election Breakdown

    Voting for the Arts and Sciences Federation of Associations by elections will begin this week and run from Nov. 28-30. ASFA represents about 20,000 students within Concordia’s Arts and Sciences programs.

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    So Longinotti

    On April 1, 2016, the Act Together slate won all the executive seats in the Concordia Student Union general elections. In the eight months since the elections, the team has been acting together. But now, it’s minus one member: the now-former Finance Coordinator and Reggie’s board President, Adrian Longinotti.

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    CSU By-elections: Community Action Fund Created

    All referendum questions in this year’s Concordia Student Union by-elections have passed. The votes were tallied as a late Thursday night became an early Friday morning.

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    CSU Council By-Elections

    Seven students are running for the five available Arts and Sciences student council seats. There are three council seats for students from the John Molson School of Business and one person running. No students are running for the one Fine Arts council seat or for the two open independent council seats.

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    CSU Update: Orientation Ends With Surplus

    The Concordia Student Union’s Orientation was a success, according to Student Life Coordinator Rachel Gauthier. The CSU’s budget was $160,000, but orientation cost only $117,388.45, meaning that there was a $42,611.55 surplus.

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    ASFA Proposes Second Bid to Increase Fee-Levy

    The Arts and Sciences Federation of Associations will once again attempt to raise its fee levy to $1.34 in it upcoming by-elections on Nov. 28 to 30.

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    Concordia Senate Update

    Also announced at Senate was a master plan to renovate current buildings at the school. This will be done in order to increase the flexibility of school spaces to accommodate the increasing number of students and staff, according to Michel Nadeau, Associate Vice-President of Facilities Management.

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    The Foundation of the Hive Café

    In order to become sustainable, the Hive Café raised food prices and cut wages. Prices for food items made in house increased by roughly ten per cent. Prices for food brought in from outside increased by about 20 per cent. All wages were cut.

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    HOJO Moving Across the Mezzanine

    The current offices walls are thin, said Leanne Ashworth, HOJO General Coordinator, explaining that there are not enough power outlets, or spots to connect to the Internet, with less than ideal air circulation

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    ASFA VP Communications and Outreach Impeached

    The Arts and Sciences Federations of Associations council unanimously voted to remove Megha Sandhu, the now former VP Communications and Outreach, from her position during a special council meeting on Oct. 19.

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    CSU Creates Committee Against Potential Tuition Hikes

    When Concordia University’s new Chief Financial Officer Denis Cossette announced an increase in tuition because of the school’s projected $6.4 million deficit, the CSU created the Stop the Hike Ad-Hoc Committee at a council meeting on Wednesday.

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    Concordia Senate Approves Proposal to Change Senate Eligibility Requirements

    Senate eligibility bylaws state that senators cannot serve if they have been sanctioned under the university’s Code of Rights and Responsibilities.

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    CSU Executive Team Bonuses for Last Year Revealed

    The councillors discussed the awarding of these bonuses during a closed session meeting on May 11, in which the executive team had left the room.

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    Hive Café Prices to Increase

    In an effort to continue operating a sustainable business, the Hive Cafe Solidarity Co-operative will be raising food prices for both their downtown and Loyola Campus locations.

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    The NHL managed to give its fans a nice, fun, and enjoyable tournament in September

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    AVEQ General Coordinator Resigns

    Only three months after beginning his mandate, Association for the Voice of Education in Quebec, or AVEQ General Coordinator, Jean-René Leblanc Gadoury, has resigned due to personal reasons. Members found out about the resignation on Sept. 9.