Kelsey Litwin

  • À Nous la Malting

    Community Groups Organize to Save the Canada Malting Factory

    Fred Burrill, an anti-gentrification organizer and PhD student at Concordia, explained that at the workshop on Feb.10, a new neighbourhood committee—tentatively titled À nous la malting—was formed and they will be meeting in the coming weeks to develop a vision for the site.

  • Community Archives Open Up a Global Past

    Concordia History Class Sifts Through NCC Archives

    A few relics survived the Negro Community Centre’s deterioration. Now, they’re in Concordia’s hands.

  • Concordia Commits to Helping Student Olympians

    Balancing Both School and Sport Will Now be Made Easier for Olympic Athletes with Game Plan Program

    It’s rare to find someone who grew up with a world-class athlete as a father. It sets a precedence of excellence—of always striving for the best and doing what it takes to get there.

  • TRAC Collective Agreement Going Off Course

    After Almost Two Years of Negotiations, Budgets Are Still Uncertain

    The projected budget for TAs and RAs at JMSB is $546,000 for the 2016-2017 academic year. This is a decrease of almost 40 per cent from the 2014-2015 academic year, when the budget was $882,624.

  • Concordia Administration’s Pay, Broken Down

    How Much Do They Make And Where Do They Spend It

    Concordia spent $5 million on the salaries of senior administrators in 2015-2016.

  • Nahmsayin?

    Maybe It’s Time to Reconsider How We Get Around

    For those of us who are not graced with the coordination or balance needed to cruise on a longboard or skateboard, scooters can be a more comforting alternative.

  • Concordia Board of Governors Fail to Implement Cohort Pricing

    BoG Meeting Was Not Livestreamed and Delayed Because of Protests

    The final vote count was 12 in favour, six against, and three abstentions, according to Norman Hébert Jr., the chair of the Board of Governors. To pass the motion, the Board needed a 60 per cent majority.

  • Concordia BoG Makes Cohort Pricing Proposal Public

    Board of Governors Set to Approve Plan That Proposes Tuition Increases of Seven, Nine Per Cent

    The ConU Board of Governors will vote Wednesday on potential tuition hikes for students in certain deregulated programs.

  • Medicalization, Privatization and Stigmatization

    Feminist Critiques of Health Care Shift the Conversation from Physiology to Sociology

    The elimination of the Women’s Health Contribution Program, which was expected to save the government $2.85 million a year, hastened the downward spiral for access to women’s health care in Canada.

  • Concordia Fine Arts Class Draws on the Neurosciences

    Convergence Initiative Unites the Arts and the Sciences

    During the course, 20-odd Fine Arts students will attend monthly lectures and private tours, alternating between focusing on the use of art in the sciences and vice versa.

  • CSU By-Election: Your Guide to the Four Referendum Questions

    The Concordia Student Union by-elections run this week from Nov. 15-17. Quorum for the by-election is 450 undergrad students.

  • CSU Council By-Elections

    Meet Your Candidates

    Seven students are running for the five available Arts and Sciences student council seats. There are three council seats for students from the John Molson School of Business and one person running. No students are running for the one Fine Arts council seat or for the two open independent council seats.

  • Concordia Research on Orgasms Puts the Female Experience First

    Study Shows That Your Experience is More Than the Sum of Your Parts

    The research takes both a clinical and historical approach to understand how females experience orgasms from multiple sites—the clitoris, the vagina, the nipples or the cervix, or others—and why that fact has been disregarded in older orgasm research.

  • First Peoples Studies Class Stands in Solidarity With Standing Rock

    Students Takes Mobilization Out of the Textbook and Into Public Space

    Stephen Karchut explained that in organizing the demonstration, it put what they were learning into practice, giving the material present-day context. “In the First Peoples Studies Program, we learn more about historical fact,” Karchut said. “We learn a lot about problems that arising for first peoples.”

  • Shred Queens Fight Skateboard’s Status Quo

    New Female Sports Group Wants to Show You That They Can Ride With, and Past, the Boys

    Hannah Sourbeer was bringing a group of teenage boys up Burke Mountain in Vermont, where she taught snowboarding lessons, when she told them that they’d be riding switch, meaning they were expected to lead with their non-dominant foot.

  • Artist Leaves Original Works in Montreal Bus Stops

    Aquil Virani Shares his Artwork with the Community

    Like leaving items on the curb before moving day, hoping that somebody will provide your old bookcase with a loving home, Virani has been leaving his old works in bus shelters across Montreal with the goal of bringing his art to the public. It’s about making art accessible, said Virani.

  • CSU Opposes Rumoured International Tuition Hikes for Deregulated Programs

    Engineering, Computer Science and Business Among Programs Affected

    The Concordia Student Union is looking to hire a contracted student campaigner to advocate against possible tuition hikes for international students in deregulated programs.

  • Concordia Administration Dismissive of Older Buildings in Need of Renovations

    The University’s Annexes Prove to be Inaccessible

    The report, which surfaced on Oct. 5, explains that more than 40 per cent of all Quebec university buildings received a grade of D or E—classifying them as being either in a high or very high state of disrepair. Concordia holds the third spot on the list, just behind McGill and Université de Montreal.

  • Part-Time Faculty Union Concerned Over Ongoing Negotiations

    CUPFA Wants More Course Assignments, Administrative Work and Representation

    Five hundred and thirty-six days—and counting. That’s how long the Concordia University Part-Time Faculty Association has been without a collective agreement.

  • The Cost of Celebrating Montreal’s 375th

    Why the Conversation Needs to Shift From Practicality to Locality and Permanence

    The scope of the projects is vast, ranging from an expansion to Quartier des Spectacles to renovations for St. Joseph’s Oratory. The practicality of these splurges is questionable at best. How will the city and its residents directly benefit, and how will our economy fare after shelling out tons of cash for projects that will hurt local merchants while being built?