Concordia Graduate Accuses English Professors of Sexual Harassment, Abuse of Power

Author Mike Spry Recounts ‘Concordia’s Toxicity’ in Blog Post

Unnamed Concordia English professors are being accused of rampant sexual harassment and abuse of power. Stock Photo Brian Lapuz

Concordia English professors are being accused of sexual harassment and abuse of power after a blog post detailing rampant misconduct was published Monday.

In the post, titled “No Names, Only Monsters,” author and former Concordia student Mike Spry recalls allegedly witnessing multiple professors, none of whom are named, from the department have inappropriate relationships with female students and young female writers.

In the post, he alleged that one professor “rented a hotel room so that he could entertain young writers away from his house and family.”

Specifically, he referenced an article by Emma Healey, published in The Hairpin in 2014, in which she describes assault she experienced at the hands of an unnamed Concordia professor while she was a student. In his post, Spry admitted to knowing the professor in question, but not speaking publicly about the alleged abuse.

When asked by The Link, Spry refused to comment further on the allegations, writing in an email that he is “going to let the piece do my talking for now.”

The University’s Response

“I am disturbed by what I read in the blog post,” wrote Concordia President Alan Shepard in a statement published on the university’s website Monday night.

The statement explains that the allegations will be “treated seriously,” and encourages Concordia community members to file reports with the Office of Rights and Responsibilities, or to seek support from the university’s Sexual Assault Resource Centre, and Counseling and Psychological Services.

Concordia spokesperson Mary-Jo Barr wrote in an email that they cannot discuss the allegations any further, due to confidentiality and privacy of faculty and staff members, but that “When Concordia is made aware of allegations of any type of misconduct, those allegations are thoroughly investigated and appropriate actions are taken.”

Barr also restated that the university is committed to creating a safe environment for its students.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.