Brian Lapuz

  • Parc-Extension Building Owner Threatens to Shut Off Water, Gas and Electricity

    Small Group of Residents Stage Protest at Landlord’s Offices

    A small group of Parc-Extension residents protested in the office of the new owner of Hutchison Plaza, Thursday morning, after the landlord warned they would cut off water, gas, and electricity on Jan. 8, 2018.

  • Dawson College Student Found in Blackface for Theater Class Test

    ‘An Invasion of the Black Body’: Black Student Group

    “Why did you paint your face black?” students asked while facing a young man who was rehearsing a monologue for a theatre class evaluation in the hallway at Dawson College, last Wednesday.

  • CSU By-Elections 2017: Council Candidates

    Your Guide to the Concordia Student Union By-Elections, From Nov. 28 to Nov. 30

    From Tuesday to Thursday, Concordia’s 35,000 undergraduate students will be asked to vote on the following candidates for council.

  • BEING Celebrates Blackness in Multimedia Expo

    Exploring Hair, Body and Skincare Via Photo, Video and Sound

    Ubuntu Talks’ Chelsy Monie has put together BEING, a multimedia exhibit that explores blackness in hair, skincare, and body

  • Hundreds Rally at Olympic Park to Welcome Refugees in Montreal

    An Undocumented Resident to Face Deportation

    On hot and sunny Sunday, a couple hundred people cheered, “Welcome, Bienvenue,” and in Haitian Creole, “Oulakayou,” during a rally at the Olympic Stadium to greet the 500 or so Haitian refugees sheltered there.

  • March For Migrant Trans Rights

    Hundreds of protesters chanted, “This is march, not a parade,” while walking East down Ste. Catherine St. on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

  • Support Some Local Music at This Year’s Osheaga

    A Little Preview of Osheaga 2017

    A sneak peek at what kind of local bands will be making an appearance at this year’s Osheaga.

  • Growing Up in an Abusive Immigrant Family

    Pluk’d Brings Themes of Culture, Generation and Language Gaps to Fringe Festival

    Pluk’d is hitting the stages of Fringe Festival this summer, portraying themes of immigrant generation gaps, language barriers, and not seeing eye to eye with the folks.

  • Racially Diverse Acts Surge at Montreal’s Fringe Festival

    Fringe Introduces Indigenous Land Acknowledgements and Says No to Censorship

    Fringe Festival is buzzing, bringing with it a collection of diverse acts and performers. Here’s some insight on these diverse performances that are hitting the Fringe stage this summer.

  • Kissing a Police Baton

    Busted Teeth, Far-Right at Concordia’s Doorstep, Antifascists Mobilize

    I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get out of bed that morning. Had I known I’d get a facial makeover, courtesy of the Montreal police, I would have indulged myself.

  • Former Black Panther Political Prisoner Speaks at Concordia

    Ex-Inmates Call to Fight for Human Integrity, Student Racially Profiled in Rimouski

    After Montreal activist Robyn Maynard introduced Robert H. King, the audience gave him a standing ovation. King spent 32 years at the notorious Angola prison in the state of Louisiana—29 of which were spent in solitary confinement.

  • Concordia Bomb Threat Suspect Targeting Muslim Students Out on Bail

    Accused to Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation

    After a week of postponements and deliberations, Hisham Saadi, the man arrested in connection to last week’s Concordia University bomb threats, will be free upon meeting bail requirements, as ruled at the Palais de justice this afternoon.

  • P-6 Protest at City Hall

    On April 23, around 50 protesters gathered at Montreal’s City Hall for a second day in a row to witness council vote on the controversial bylaw P-6.

  • Students Condemn Police Violence After Worker Sit-in

    Impromptu March in Downtown Montreal for Laid Off Aveos Workers

    Approximately 100 protesters gathered at Place Émilie-Gamelin last night in reaction to the reports of Aveos Fleet Performance Inc. workers being pepper sprayed and clubbed by police on the morning of March 20.

  • Striking Failure

    Student Leaders Fail to Effectively Organize

    As of last Thursday, members of the Concordia Student Union started a weeklong strike against tuition hikes.

  • A Bridge Too Far

    A First-Hand Account of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge Occupation

    After roaring through the streets in the Downtown Core, we gathered to hear the closing speech at the corner of Berri St. and Ste. Catherine St. W.

  • ASFA Meeting Minutes

    A summary of events from the latest ASFA meeting.

  • Out in the Cold

    Occupy Montreal and the Homelessness Question

    If nothing else, Occupy Montreal brought in a diverse crowd. From its origin on the Oct. 15 Global Day of Action up until the ultimate eviction two months later, people from almost all walks of life congregated in Victoria Square. Unionized workers, hippies, temporary refugees from the upper-middle class, pensioners, street kids from Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, anarcho-punks, suburbanites from the West Island or South Shore, Mile-End hipsters—and even some yuppies. The general assemblies were well-attended. Musicians played to their hearts’ content.

  • No Dice on Day One

    Students Experience Online Service Disruption

    Concordia students trying to get to class this past week were left blind when the MyConcordia web portal crashed.

  • An Underground Identity

    Alternative Jewish Culture in Film and Music

    For Punk Jews director Jesse Zook Mann, Judaism is more than just observing tradition, heritage and religious laws. “For us in New York, Judaism has kind of become sterilized,” said Zook Mann. He was called from California through Skype for a Q&A after the 20-minute long preview …