Kelsey Litwin

  • Concordia Administration Dismissive of Older Buildings in Need of Renovations

    The University’s Annexes Prove to be Inaccessible

    The report, which surfaced on Oct. 5, explains that more than 40 per cent of all Quebec university buildings received a grade of D or E—classifying them as being either in a high or very high state of disrepair. Concordia holds the third spot on the list, just behind McGill and Université de Montreal.

  • Part-Time Faculty Union Concerned Over Ongoing Negotiations

    CUPFA Wants More Course Assignments, Administrative Work and Representation

    Five hundred and thirty-six days—and counting. That’s how long the Concordia University Part-Time Faculty Association has been without a collective agreement.

  • The Cost of Celebrating Montreal’s 375th

    Why the Conversation Needs to Shift From Practicality to Locality and Permanence

    The scope of the projects is vast, ranging from an expansion to Quartier des Spectacles to renovations for St. Joseph’s Oratory. The practicality of these splurges is questionable at best. How will the city and its residents directly benefit, and how will our economy fare after shelling out tons of cash for projects that will hurt local merchants while being built?

  • BDS: The CSU Has Divested

    A Look At What Has Has Been Done Two Years Since the CSU Voted in Favour of Boycotts, Divestments, Sanctions Against Israel

    On the eve of the second annual BDS week at Concordia, the CSU has confirmed to The Link that they have divested a total $5.3 million, in accordance with all of their student-supported positions.

  • Nahm’sayin?

    So What if I Want Pineapple on my Pizza?

    I’m not arguing that pineapple pizza is the holy grail of pizza pies. But why should that stop us from expanding our taste horizons?

  • Vernissage Provides a Space for Black Feminist Art

    The 12th Montreal International Black Film Festival Kicks Off With a Feminist Art Show

    Desta can’t be older than five or six-years-old. She’s sitting crossed-legged, staring intently at the globe placed in front of her. The intrigue on her face is visible.

  • Concordia Dragon Boat Building Strength by the Books

    A New Guidebook Provides Concordia Dragon Boat Club Knowledge Needed To Excel

    Over the phone, Tom Trung Zacchia shouts “Do you mind if I call you back? I need to get on the podium.”

  • “The Night is Not Enough” Takes Over Phillips Square

    March in Montreal Aims to Challenge the Way We Talk About Violence

    “We want to challenge the assumption that violence, gendered violence, only occurs at night,” explained Jada Joseph, a volunteer from A Safer Concordia.

  • Concordia’s Nano-Warriors Battle Their Way to Gold

    ConU Students Set to Compete at World’s Largest Synthetic Biology Competition

    In October, ten Concordia science students will be travelling to Boston with some very precious cargo: nanoparticle-coated cells. Their goal? A gold medal.

  • We’ve Found a New Use for the Olympic Stadium

    Jackalope Fest Goes Above and Beyond With Montreal’s First-Ever BASE Jumping Showcase

    Jackalope Fest raised the bar this year. By 165 metres, to be exact.

  • Curing Concordia’s Inaccessibility

    CURE’s Audit-a-Thon Aims to Create an Inclusive Environment for All Students

    CURE, a new fee-levy group at Concordia, organized the event in conjunction with Accessibilize Montreal and with support from Quebec Public Interest Research Group Concordia and the Concordia Student Union to promote an inclusive look at accessibility.

  • CSU Elections 2016: Referendum Questions Breakdown

    Five Questions on the Ballot Could Affect the Fees You Pay and Whether You Oppose the Construction of a Pipeline

    Concordia Student Union general elections begin on March 29 and run until March 31. There are five referendum questions on the ballot that could affect the fees you pay and whether you oppose the construction of a pipeline.

  • What Happened Here?

    Exploring Communities at the Edge of Deindustrialization

    Up until the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959, the riverbeds of the Lachine Canal were home to a predominantly poorer section of Montreal’s population. The factories that lined the canal were a steady source of employment for the 30,000 residents of the area until the 1950’s. Then the factories closed up shop because ships no longer passed through the canal.

  • Concordia’s Geography, Planning and Environment Department Designs Two Parks for Montreal

    Charrettes Take the Community Stage

    Concordia and Université de Montréal students will create two of the same spaces and structures in two different parks—Notre Dame de Grâce Park on Sherbrooke St. W. and Girouard Ave. and Kent Park in Côte-des-Neiges.

  • Progress for Tomorrow

    HIV/AIDS Lecturer Advocates for Safe Injection Sites

    Dr. M-J Milloy will share how he thinks Quebec’s progressive nature can help set a new precedent for HIV/AIDS prevention at an upcoming installment of Concordia’s HIV/AIDS Public Lecture Series.

  • Concordia’s Latest Pilot Project

    UAV Association Sets Sights on International Drone Competition

    The fourth-year electrical engineering student is one of the 40-odd students that make up UAV, which designs and builds drones for competition.

  • Women in Science Make the Unseen Seen

    eXXpedition Crew Researches Toxins on a Sailboat

    How do you make the unseen seen? If you’re the team behind eXXpedition, you put it on a boat off the coast of South America, with a crew of female scientists, filmmakers and policymakers.