Justin Giovannetti

  • G20 arrests continue

    Three months later, Alex Hundert is nabbed in the night

    Alex Hundert was arrested during the G20 and charged with three counts of conspiracy. Released in early July, his $100,000 bail stated that he could not participate in any public demonstrations.

  • $1 for Tuition

    Anti-tuition campaigns underway on campus

    With a petition on campus, the dollar campaign advertised on every wall and Free Education Montreal organizing events weekly, undergraduate and graduate students hope Concordia President Judith Woodsworth gets the message: Don’t increase tuition.

  • Don’t Buckle Up

    Leave your Car at Home on Sept. 22

    With 50,000 people choosing to leave their cars at home, Montreal’s eighth edition of En ville, sans ma voiture! will see the creation of one of the largest car-free zones in Canada on Sept. 22 .

  • Concordia Alumni Relations Boss Quits

    The woman responsible for raking in contributions from Concordia’s alumni for the past five years has called it quits.

  • The Hall Hole

    How Else Do You Get New Escalators into the Hall Building?

    Construction at Concordia shows no signs of slowing down as the university will start a two-year, $14 million plan next month to replace the 17 infamously defective escalators of the Hall building.

  • Meet VPS-24

    Students Ask University to Better Define Space in New Policy

    When does a gathering of people become a temporary use of space?
    Some students are asking that question after Concordia introduced a new policy on the temporary use of space over the summer.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Those Damn Traffic Cones

    Quebec is addicted to traffic cones.

  • The Secret Side of the CSU

    Who Really Calls the Shots in our Student Government?

    There are two Concordia Student Unions: one is elected and the other is not.

  • Cooling the Sidewalks

    Alumnus Tells Concordia to Shut its Doors

    Despite the MB building, home of the John Molson School of Business, being certified as having an environmentally friendly design, one passing Concordia alumnus spotted a crack in the structure’s environmental façade.

  • The Revolving Door?

    Sitting Student Union President Given University Job in June

    During his last month in office, former Concordia Student Union President Amine Dabchy took a part-time job with the university’s department of alumni relations.

  • A Year of Petitions, 170,000 Students at Risk, the CFS Looks to Stop the Loss

    Windsor Students Look to Quit National Student Lobby Despite Tough New Rules

    A year after the first petitions were printed at 14 universities across Canada to leave the Canadian Federation of Students, a national lobby group that many felt was ineffective and interfering in local student politics, no university has successfully left.

  • Concordia Bookstore Starts Renting Textbooks

    Program Saves Student Money, Time and the Planet

    After a successful pilot program this summer, Concordia Bookstores will be renting textbooks to students this September at 40 per cent of the books’ full price.

  • Quebec gets peek at president’s tuition plan

    Quebec university students to pay Canadian average for tuition by 2020

    If Concordia President Judith Woodsworth has her way, your tuition might start an eight-year climb in 2012 that will bring it to the Canadian average of $5,000 a year.

  • Student Union loans $45,000 to volunteer program

    Little opposition on council to use of presidential decree

    Prince Ralph Osei’s last presidential decree in office was approved on the evening of Aug. 23 as the Concordia Student Union Council endorsed a $45,000 loan to the Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program.

  • Dawson College to Vote on CFS membership

    Another referendum will take place in Quebec. Dawson Student Union Chairperson Ariel Charney told The Link on Aug. 19 that the college’s students would be voting on continued membership in the Canadian Federation of Students.

  • ‘I saw more than I wanted to see’

    The story behind the detainees at 629 Eastern Avenue

    Over six hours on the night of June 27 we spoke to nearly 120 of the detainees to leave the Toronto Film Studio, a sound stage retrofit with cages to hold people arrested during the G20 summit. Although each had a different story to tell, the larger picture remained constant.

  • Conditions at G20 Dentention Centre are illegal, immoral and dangerous

    Detainees forced in cages with little food and water for up to 35 hours

    It is next to impossible to set the scene of what happened at the Detention Centre. Between the two of us we estimate that we spoke to over 120 people, most of whom were released between 9:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. Despite not knowing each other, the story they tell is the same.

  • First Nations G20 protest at Queen’s Park

    No clashes with police as protestors call for better treatment

    About 350 protesters turned out on June 24 in front of Queen’s Park, Ontario’s legislature, as part of a First Nations protest in conjunction with the 2010 G8/G20.

  • 50 cent raise on minimum wage

    Still pays less than poverty line

    Quebec’s minimum wage increased by 50 cents on May 1, as the province’s 320,000 lowest paid workers will now make $9.50 an hour. Despite rising at nearly three times the rate of inflation since the wage was set at $7.30 an hour in 2003, a 40-hour work week at the new minimum wage would still pay less than Canada’s poverty line.

  • Editorial: Disconnected understanding

    Last week, 9,000 academics and delegates flocked to Concordia for the 2010 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, taking our downtown campus by scholarly storm. They attended over 1,500 events with an aim of “sharing groundbreaking research and examining the important social and cultural issues of the day,” according to Concordia’s humanities and social sciences website.