Justin Giovannetti

  • ‘Concordia Is Unique,’ Says Administration

    University Moves Up to 24th Place in Maclean’s Ranking

    Despite finishing 11th out of 12 comprehensive universities in the latest Maclean’s University Rankings, Concordia’s administration is not in damage-control mode. The problem is Maclean’s, they argue, not Concordia.

  • ‘There Is No Perfect Solution But It Will Be the Best Solution’

    CSU VP Answers Questions about Student Union Building

    A week before the $50 million student union building, the largest project in the Concordia Student Union’s history, is presented to students by referendum, The Link sat down with CSU VP External & Projects Adrien Severyns.

  • Chatting with TED

    Concordia to have TED talk in February

    TEDxConcordia, an independently organized offshoot of the global conference series on technology, entertainment and design, is coming to Concordia on Feb. 12.

  • ‘The Last Divided City in the World’

    Hebron Under a Hail of Stones and Garbage

    Hebron’s 165,000 residents live in a bustling Arab metropolis filled with honking, chaotic traffic circles and a shriek of vendors. Despite the stir of life, the city’s centre is quiet and some streets are abandoned.

  • Editorial

    The Turcot Split City Hall

    The cross-party cooperation that has lived impassively in Montreal’s city hall for the past year has ended. Richard Bergeron has quit the city’s executive committee and the mayor’s approval ratings have never been lower.

  • A Land, Divided

    Lines and Laughter at an Israeli Checkpoint

    RAMALLAH, PALESTINE—“No pictures,” yelled the Palestinian driver as he guided his bus through precariously thick traffic towards the Qalandia Checkpoint.

  • Green Roofs Over Loyola

    One of Several Projects Among Building Boom

    Concordia’s Loyola Campus is bustling with activity.
    Construction workers are hustling to put up the Genomics Centre and PERFORM Centre before federal stimulus money runs out.
    The finishing touches are being put on the Hive Café, and the Loyola Luncheon is due to launch any day, once equipment issues are worked out.

  • Journalism in the 21c

    Scoop Twitter and Outfriend Facebook: Eight Tips

    Journalism was in a state of change, a new and disruptive technology had arrived on the scene and the existing powers were doing all they could to hold on.
    While it might sound like the Twitter-mad United States during the great recession, welcome to Europe in 1447 as the calligraphy industry fought off Gutenberg and his newfangled press.

  • FEAST on Creativity

    Leaders of Social Media Talk Cities and Sharing

    NEW YORK, NY—Sitting in the main auditorium of The New York Times building, the world’s movers of social media spoke about the future of the global economy, society and cities at the FEAST conference on Oct. 15.

  • Student Centre Reborn

    Student Union Opens Controversial Project from the Past

    Although the Concordia Student Union is staying mum about its plans, the student centre project that was rejected by 72 per cent of students at the March general election seems far from abandoned.

  • The Age of Collaboration

    The Macrowiki World is Upon Us: Don Tapscott

    Don Tapscott is an author, media theorist and optimist.
    The author of Macrowikinomics thinks the world has finally had the wakeup call it has been waiting for after having barely avoided the collapse of the global economy in 2008.

  • Editorial

    Criminalizing Academia

    The traditional Canadian deference to the legal system, if that stereotype ever truly existed in practice, needs to come to an end.
    It’s clear that our lack of clear guidelines in certain areas of criminal law is now being abused to erode certain basic human rights.

  • Room at the Top

    Two of Concordia’s Top VPs Quit Within A Month

    After 24 years at Concordia, VP Services Michael Di Grappa, the architect of the university’s rebranding in the 21st century, announced on Sept. 29 that he would be stepping down from his position at the end of October.

  • Cutting the Board

    Concordia’s Board of Governors Proposes Slashing Its Size

    Tensions were visible as Concordia’s Board of Governors, the university’s highest governing body, debated cutting 26 of its 40 seats during the board’s first meeting of the academic year on Sept. 30.

  • Concordia Inks New Ad Deal

    Up to 30 New Digital Screens in Bathrooms Across Campus

    Expect more advertising on campus after Concordia signed a new ad contract in early September with a consortium of three firms.
    While the number of backlit boards on campus—the main form of advertising until recently—will not change, the consortium will add new plasma screens around both campuses, digital ads in bathrooms and banners in high-traffic areas.

  • The Frac Job

    It’s not far-fetched to say that the massive Utica shale gas deposit found in the lowlands of Quebec is the best thing that ever happened to La Belle Province, given its fragile economic state.
    According to an official government document released on Mar. 31, 2010, Quebec had accumulated over $160 billion in debt while enjoying such perks as some of the lowest tuition rates and some of the best health care in the country.

  • Number 14

    Despite a bumpy road, Windsor might be the latest out of the CFS

    Robert Woodrich and Jake DeJong aren’t getting much sleep lately.

  • To Concordia’s Governors: Drop the Increase

    Free Education Montreal Gathers 2,000 Name Petition for Board of Governors

    As Concordia’s Board of Governors sits down to meet on Sept. 30, a petition with more than 2,000 names protesting the unannounced increase to international tuition fees two summers ago will be presented to the 37 governors.

  • A Walk on the Radical Side

    Singh Takes QPIRG’s Walking Tour through ConU’s Past

    Looking at the world through his round glasses, Montreal activist Jaggi Singh has a very different way of seeing the city around him.

  • Editorial

    Sanction Scrutiny

    Dear elected officials,
    (Please don’t take this as an attack)