Justin Giovannetti

  • The Return of the Student

    Two months before students elect new representatives, the administration of Concordia Student Union President Heather Lucas was confronted with a drastically different brand of student politics on Thursday.

  • Connect the Dots

    Ticket Price Hike Signals Change at TEDx

    The venue changed, new speakers were selected and the ticket price has doubled, but despite the changes, TEDxConcordia’s organizers say interest has never been higher.

  • The Art of Convincing People

    Thirty Per Cent More Ad Boards On Campus Under Contract

    Five months after new advertising boards started appearing around Concordia’s campus, new details have emerged about the five-year advertising contract that put them there.

  • The Empire Strikes Back

    Concordia Board Nominates Former President to Return

    In 1995, Concordia was in a state of turmoil after poor management and severe turnover had devastated the university’s senior administration.

  • Clearly Red

    Board of Governors Political Donations:  96 per cent Liberal

    Over the past decade, Concordia’s current Board of Governors donated nearly $155,000 to provincial political parties. Nearly 96 per cent of those donations went to the Quebec Liberal Party.

  • The Endless Board

    Board of Governors Ignores Term Limits

    Thirteen of the Concordia Board of Governors’ 23 community-at-large members have exceeded the maximum term limit set out in the university’s guidelines—some by more than a decade.

  • Clarkson on Everything

    Canada’s Former GG: Suprisingly Feisty

    Before former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson spoke with Concordia last Thursday as part of the Concordia Student Union Speakers Series, she sat down with The Link for a few minutes.

  • ‘We’re all mobilized, all of us’

    In the weeks since Concordia President Judith Woodsworth was dismissed, the university’s political landscape has been upended.

  • New Chancellor at Con U

    Concordia’s board of governors appointed Jacques Ménard, the chairman of investment firm BMO Nesbitt Burns, as the university’s new chancellor on Dec. 9.

  • Board Mum on Firing

    ‘What More do you Want the Board to Say?’  Asks Student Union President

    With one columnist writing about a “leadership crisis” at Concordia, the first week of classes after the firing of President Judith Woodsworth on Dec. 23 was not a pleasant one for the university’s board of governors.

  • Bradley Manning is a Goddamn Hero!

    March Held to Support WikiLeaks and Alleged Leaker

    In what may have been the first protest in support of a website in Montreal’s history, over 40 demonstrators met outside of the Guy-Concordia Metro station on Dec. 18 to march in support of WikiLeaks.

  • Concordia President Quits

    Did Woodsworth Resign or Was She Removed?

    Three days before Christmas and only halfway into her mandate, Judith Woodsworth has stepped down as president of Concordia University for “personal reasons.”

  • Editorial

    Transparency Needed at Concordia’s Board

    The fall semester claimed a final victim before students returned to university this week, clearing out the last of Concordia’s big names.First Kathy Assayag, the fundraising whiz, departed under a cloud.

  • CEGEP Students Walk Against Tuition

    At the start of a new school week at the CEGEP du Vieux Montréal, students stood outside the college’s entrance on the morning of Nov. 22 and told arriving classmates that the school was closed. All students were locked out.

  • Math Association Challenges ASFA Goliath

    ‘ASFA in principal is a good thing, but it needs to be changed dramatically’

    The Arts and Science Federation of Associations, representing 17,000 Concordia students, will undergo a serious shakeup over the next few months. Leading the upheaval will be the Mathematics and Statistics Students Association, which represents 560 members.

  • A Student Faubourg:  Grand Opening 201_?

    Former Student Union President Confirms Site of Student Union Building

    The Concordia Student Union Building, should students approve the proposed fee levy this week, will be housed in the Faubourg building at the corner of Guy Street and Ste. Catherine Street West.
    In September, outgoing CSU President Prince Ralph Osei confirmed with The Link that the shopping mall was the site for the proposed student centre building. This fact has been confirmed with five other officials close to the project.

  • It’s Not Clean: Chief Electoral Officer

    Referendum Results to Be Unsure Because of Contestation

    Before a single vote was cast in this week’s Concordia Student Union referendum, a nine-page contestation detailing the alleged widespread abuses of electoral law over the one-week campaign fell on the Chief Electoral Officer’s desk.

  • Ownership Unclear

    They Want To Remain Secret, Says Faubourg Administrator of Building Owners

    Every month, the 39 tenants of the Faubourg building make out their rent cheque to Edifice 1616 Ste. Catherine Ouest Le Faubourg Inc. They don’t know where their money goes after that.
    Neither do we.
    “It’s a group of people, they use that name because they don’t want people to know their names,” said Jovette Whiteman, the administrative assistant to building administrator Ziki Zaffir. “It’s like a company number.”

  • Editorial

    We Can Do Better

    For perhaps the first time at this university in a very long time, students are talking.
    In coffee shops from St. Henri to the Plateau, the discussion has centered this weekend around one topic, muttered in the open and inviting debate: the student centre.

  • Dismissed Auditors Fire Back

    Woodsworth Violated University Expense Directives

    The dismissal of two longtime Concordia University auditors by President Judith Woodsworth has created a compromising situation for the school with Quebec’s labour review board. In filing a grievance, the auditors have produced a trail of paperwork showing that the university’s senior administrators participated in the same type of behaviour that led to their firing.