Corey Pool

  • BoG Grub

    Governors Cost $300 a Meeting to Feed

    Once a month, Concordia’s Board of Governors and a handful of student representatives meet in a room in the EV Building to discuss the university’s internal issues.

  • How We Voted

    A Breakdown of the Numbers

    After a relatively quiet two weeks of campaigning, which were largely overshadowed by striking students, the entire A Better Concordia executive slate, fronted by presidential candidate Schubert Laforest, was…

  • Red in the Streets

    Over 200,000 Keep Things Peaceful Marching Against Tuition Hikes

    Over 200,000 people flooded downtown Montreal on March 22 as part of a demonstration against impending tuition hikes, paralyzing upwards of 50 city blocks throughout the afternoon.

  • Street Party on Maisonneuve

    Police Said Go But Peaceful Protest Continued

    A couple hundred Concordia students gathered on de Maisonneuve Blvd. outside the Hall Building in a flash mob that blocked traffic during rush hour on March 20.

  • Faculty Associations Turn Out Against the Strike

    Over the past two weeks, many faculty and member associations have held separate General Assemblies allowing their members to vote on joining the strike movement against raising tuition.

  • A Vote to Call their Own

    CASA Votes Against Strike Mandate

    On March 14 members of the John Molson School of Business voted against joining the one-week strike that was v the Concordia Student Union last week.

  • Business Students to Hold Strike GA

    ‘Politically Neutral’ CASA Seeks Student Opinion

    A week after the Concordia Student Union voted in favour of a one-week strike, the Commerce and Administration Students Association is holding their own general assembly to vote on whether to support the strike.

  • Sweet Caroline

    Bourbonnière Elected ASFA Prez in Vote Do-Over

    After a recount of the ballots cast on the morning of March 8, Caroline Bourbonnière has been elected as the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ new president.

  • Media Misinformation

    Lacklustre Reporting, Bias Damage Fight Against Tuition

    The coverage of university issues in Quebec is getting increasingly one-sided as the mainstream media struggle to cover complicated issues without a glaring bias.

  • Manifestation Madness

    A First Person Account of a Tuition Protest

    A bustling mob of eager and enthusiastic students had taken over Philips Square in Downtown Montreal by noon on Thursday. By 1:00 p.m. there were between 1,000 and 1,500 people…

  • Lookin’ at the Levies

    Frigo Vert & 2110 Approved for Ballot

    Two student groups got permission to ask students for their cents at the Concordia Student Union Council meeting Feb. 8, as Le Frigo Vert and the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy were approved to appear on the March general election ballot.

  • Preventing Prevention

    Protest Against Controversial Non-Disclosure HIV Law

    A small group of activists gathered outside the Montreal Superior Court Feb. 7 to protest the criminalization of non-disclosure of an HIV-positive status.

  • $900K Later, Judy’s Back in the Classroom

    One year after being forced to resign from her position as university president, Judith Woodsworth has made an unlikely return to Concordia as a professor, despite having been compensated over $169,573 in “administrative leave pay” to help her get back on her feet.

  • On Time on Two Wheels

    How our Bike City Can Fix its Business Model

    Whether you like it or not, cycling is fully engrained into the culture of this strange city. Every spring, thousands of rickety bi-wheeled wonders flood the streets as Montrealers take their bought, borrowed or rented whips out for a spin.

  • We Don’t Need Your Education

    Alternative University Project Redefines the Way We Learn.

    On a cold winter night in Montreal, a small group of students and activists gathered in the basement of a pub on Ste. Catherine st. to sip cheap beer and scheme ways to rebuild the university as we know it—from the ground up.

  • Demo for Homeless Shooting

    Police Accountability Called Into Question

    A group of demonstrators gathered at Bonaventure Metro on Dec 10 to condemn the death of a homeless man killed by police inside the station on Dec. 6.

  • CSU Won’t Commit To Strike, Promises Action

    It’s been almost two months since students from across Quebec gathered on Nov. 10 to protest impending increases to tuition.

  • Marching Against Minerals

    Montreal’s Congolese Community Angered at High Death Rate of Miners

    Technology and telecommunication companies were the targets of a demonstration Jan. 7 that saw roughly 200 people take to the streets of Montreal. Protesters rallied against Canada’s involvement in mineral mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Weekly Spins

    Through Grief or Hallucination

    With the lure of a snake charmer, John Dwyer returns from the dark with Thee Oh Sees wielding a demon punk power.

  • The Arab Winter Is Coming

    Six Local Artists Bring Middle East Streets to Montreal

    The historic La Patrie building, formerly owned by the Church of Scientology and currently housing the Under Pressure Fresh Paint Gallery, will be undergoing yet another transformation this week. The gallery, at the corner of Ste. Catherine St. E. and Hotel de Ville Ave., is being taken over by The Arab Winter for the month of December…