Corey Pool

  • Petition Addresses Poli Sci Departmental Issues

    Grades Curved, Courses Cut Among Students’ Complaints

    Political science student Gene Morrow brought the petition to the Arts and Sciences Federation of Associations at last week’s council meeting, after it had garnered approximately 250 signatures.

  • CUTV in Legal Limbo

    Station Imperilled Following Resignation of Emergency Board Member

    Following yet another week of name-calling, finger-pointing, conspiracy theories and general tumult, Concordia University Television has come to a grinding halt…

  • Rehabilitating CUTV

    After months of growing tensions between members, resignations of Board directors, senior staff, financial confusion and mismanagement, Concordia University Television came to a grinding halt midway through October.

  • GND Found Guilty of Contempt of Court

    Former CLASSE Spokesperson Faces Charges, Fines

    Nearly three months after stepping down as co-spokesperson of the now defunct student group the Coalition large de l’Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was found guilty of contempt of court on Thursday afternoon.

  • After a Month of Silence, a Response

    ConU Speaks Up About Chinese Homestay Student Situation

    For weeks, several members of the Concordia Student Union, the Off-Campus Housing and Job Bank, Advocacy and Support…

  • Opening Up a Dialogue in Poli Sci

    PSSA to Meet With Department Chair Over Grade Curving

    The Political Science Student Association is planning to meet with the chair of Concordia’s political science department to address the curving of grades, and the student suing the university over the curve.

  • “Delay My Deportation”

    Family Fighting Together to Stay in Canada

    Blanca Peña Gonzalez is facing imminent deportation.

  • Changing of the Grade

    Political Science Student Takes Concordia to Court

    Midway through June, Concordia political science student William Groombridge decided it was time to take the university to court. Enough was enough.

  • International Job of Mystery

    Understanding Ex-Provost David Graham’s New Gig

    If you’ve been paying close attention to Concordia’s administrative shuffling, you may have caught a few notable changes.

  • Concordia Students Space Out

    Or, How to Map a Plasma Cloud—On a Budget

    Approximately 200 km above the South Atlantic Ocean rests a strange and often dangerous phenomenon, one that has baffled and intrigued scientists, pilots and astronauts since its discovery the late 1950s—a plasma cloud of super-charged radiation dubbed the South Atlantic Anomaly.

  • Paying the President

    ConU’s Presidential Salary Going Up

    On Oct. 11 the Journal de Quebec reported that Concordia University’s presidential salary is getting bumped up a notch.

  • The Web Democracy Issue

    The Emerging 3.0

    Online activity is ever-increasingly ingrained in all of our actions, but education on the issues implicit in such a shift is often met with indifference or ignorance.

  • Big Brother Is Still Watching You

    Hip Hop Satire in Defence of the Web

    Without a single hack, leak or whistle blown, the guys from Juice Media are throwing up their fists, or at least their words, to fight for what they consider our greatest tool—the Internet.

  • “Privacy By Design”

    The Tor Project, Onion Routing and the Online Anonymity Movement

    As our lives become increasingly digitized, more of what we do and how we interact with the world on a daily basis exists specifically online.

  • A Council Divided

    Exec’s Resignation Letter Sheds Light on Troubled Union

    Over the last six months, the Concordia Student Union has been marred by accusations, disqualifications, reinstatements, internal political turmoil and most recently, the resignation of a member of the executive.

  • The Characters, Costs and Corruption of Con U’s Administrative Past

    Questionable and contentious governance is neither a recent nor inexpensive phenomenon here at Concordia.

  • “You Should Pay Attention, Concordia”

    CSU Executive Resigns With Letter Warning Students

    After a long and drawn out saga, Concordia Student Union VP Academic and Advocacy Lucia Gallardo has officially resigned.

  • Not A Student, Not Resigning

    CSU VP Academic & Advocacy Gallardo Responds to Council

    The Concordia Student Union is a revolving door, and if it’s happened once, you can rest assured that it’ll happen again.

  • Addressing the Agenda

    A Debriefing on the Upcoming CSU Council Meeting

    The first official Concordia Student Union Council meeting of the semester is scheduled for Sept. 19, and judging by the approximately 25-point agenda, it’s going to be a long one.

  • Deconstructing ConU

    New Round of Renos Clogs Up Concordia Buildings

    Inside and out, Concordia University is in a seemingly perpetual state of construction.