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Bourbonnière Elected ASFA Prez in Vote Do-Over

  • Photo Julia Jones

After a recount of the ballots cast on the morning of March 8, Caroline Bourbonnière has been elected as the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ new president.

“I am really honoured and privileged to have been chosen to serve the arts and science students next year, and I can’t wait to get started with my new team,” said Bourbonnière, whose 326 votes beat out runner-up Charlie Brenchley’s 280.

“It was a tight race for a few positions, but I feel that all the candidates were qualified, so I’m happy either way.”

An email from an ASFA Deputy Electoral Officer confirming the preliminary results cited an “extremely close” vote between two contesting positions being the reason for a recount.

According to current ASFA President Alex Gordon, the positions of VP Social had to be recounted as well. In a follow-up email, the winner was announced as Maddy Griffin with 268 votes, versus Terrence Adams’ 262.

“In order for a recount to occur, the count has to be within a 50-vote differential,” said Gordon.

There had been a mix-up when the preliminary results were sent, saying a recount would be needed for the position of VP Academic and Loyola, which was won by Eric Moses.

Moses had been penalized 50 votes by the ASFA Judicial Committee earlier in the campaigning period due to an error on his nomination paperwork. Gordon confirmed that no recount occurred for that position, however.

In order for quorum to be met, ASFA needed roughly 2.5 per cent of approximately 15,000 students to come out and vote—a number they had no trouble surpassing.

“We only needed roughly 375 people to make quorum, and we had over 500—maybe 600,” said Gordon.

In the interim, Bourbonnière plans to start building a better connection with her executives and working on a vision for next year.

“I want to create a strong bond with my executives and make sure that everyone knows what their portfolio is,” said Bourbonnière. “I want to make sure that the core of ASFA is taken care of and maintained.”

In light of the troubles that ASFA had this year when it came to filling positions on council, Bourbonnière says she intends to work on team-building and making sure that everyone is serious about their positions.

“I’ll have to speak with all my members, and we will have to spend some time together,” said Bourbonnière. “If somebody feels that they don’t want to remain part of the group I will ask that they make that clear before June. We do not have any time to waste.”

Bourbonnière’s election puts an end to what was a controversial election season for ASFA, as the voting period, which lasted from March 5 to 7, was the second time students had gone to the polls.

The original voting period, from Feb. 15 to 17, was interrupted on the second day of voting, when the election was postponed due to the resignation of Chief Electoral Officer Christopher Webster.

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