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    A Letter From the News Desk

    He has at least two cell phones, two email addresses, and an office phone, but Concordia Student Union President Schubert Laforest is nowhere to be seen.

  • Pretty Vacant

    ConU BoG Missing Student Rep

    Concordia’s Board of Governors is missing one key component—a regular undergraduate student representative.

  • Talking With The President

    The Link Chats With New ConU President Alan Shepard

    Classes don’t start for another week, but there’s already a new face on campus.

  • An Empty Seat

    CSU In Need Of A New Chairperson

    Though his term was supposed to end on June 1, council asked Nick Cuillerier to stick around as interim Chair while it began a search for his replacement.

  • The Changing Tide

    Growing Number of CEGEP Students Vote Down Strike

    The student movement suffered a serious blow on August 13 as three consecutive CEGEPs voted to either end or suspend the months-long strike.

  • GGI Crash Course

    Timeline of Quebec Student Conflict

    Luckily for you, we’ve put together a timeline detailing ghost of grèves past to provide the confidence you need to drop some serious strike knowledge when your aunt goes off about those “whining students” at the next family dinner.

  • Done With Donations

    On July 16, Jack and Judith Kornblatt wrote an email to Concordia staff titled “We will no longer donate […] Concordia squanders money on administrator salaries and perks,” they wrote in the email, which was also delivered to outgoing president Frederick Lowy…

  • A Long Time Coming

    ConU Students Face Formal Complaints For Strike Action

    For about three months now, Trevor Smith has been waiting.

  • Obstructing or Disrupting

    Concordia Students Face Charges For Blocking Classrooms

    Concordia students involved in blocking classes or buildings throughout the strike could be facing a number of charges under the university’s Code of Rights and Responsibilities.

  • CSU Donates

    Surplus Money To Go To Juripop, CUTV

    In a special council meeting held on May 30 the Concordia Student Union voted to donate $16,000 of their projected surplus from this year’s executive.

  • 100 Days Of Unrest

    Record Numbers Join Against Tuition Hikes, New Laws

    The demonstration that began around 2 p.m. at Place-des-Arts in downtown Montreal on May 22 is now being described as the biggest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history.

  • The Doors Open

    Charest, Beauchamp Offer Alternative to $1625 Hike

    Quebec Premier Jean Charest and Education Minister Line Beauchamp announced a tweaked alternative to planned tuition fee increases at a press conference on April 27.

  • Welcome Mr. President

    Group of Students Silence Presidential Introduction

    The introduction of the potential incoming Concordia president Dr. Alan Shepard was cut short with the wailing of a bullhorn and chanting students in the packed D.B. Clarke Theatre on April 24.

  • Breaking Ground

    Concordia President to Send Letter to Charest

    Concordia University Senate voted unanimously to request that Quebec Premier Jean Charest start an unconditional dialogue with student groups, and that Interim Concordia President Frederick Lowy pass along the message.

  • “Restoring Concordia”

    Rally Discusses Social, Political Climate At ConU

    A group of about 40 students and other community members gathered outside the Hall Building on April 13 to discuss the current climate of the ongoing strike in light of yesterday’s demonstration.

  • CSU Off The Hook

    Laforest and Gallardo Recognized by Student Union

    After over two hours of deliberation, the Concordia Student Union special council meeting voted on April 12 to uphold the Judicial Board’s March 16 decision to reinstate CSU president-elect Schubert Laforest and VP Academic…

  • At What Expense?

    Six Councilors and Solo Senate Seat Disqualified

    According to an email from the CEO, six CSU councilors and the only senate seat have been disqualified after failing to submit their campaigning expense forms.

  • CSU Exec Resigns

    VP Advocacy & Outreach Pudwell Leaves for Health Reasons

    Concordia Student Union VP Advocacy & Outreach Morgan Pudwell has resigned from her position on the executive roughly six weeks before her term was set to expire.

  • Cracking Down on Demonstrators

    CUTV Reporter Among Those Arrested

    Approximately 50 people were arrested following a demonstration that began early in the morning at Victoria Square and weaved its way through downtown Montreal on April 4.

  • Scrutinizing Security

    Security Agent at Concordia Discovered Without License

    Concordia University security is falling under further scrutiny after the security officer involved in the alleged assault of a student on March 23 has been revealed to not possess a valid security permit.