Lookin’ at the Levies

Frigo Vert & 2110 Approved for Ballot

Without a fee levy increase, Le Frigo Vert will continue to be a bare bones operation, said Bronwen Agnew. Photo Adam Kovac

Two student groups got permission to ask students for their cents at the Concordia Student Union Council meeting Feb. 8, as Le Frigo Vert and the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy were approved to appear on the March general election ballot.

“It’s been something we’ve been hoping to do for the past few years,” said Le Frigo Vert employee Bronwen Agnew of the eight-cent per credit increase, which would see the total they receive rise to 33 cents per credit.

“It’s something we have to do, basically, as our fixed costs [such as rent and hydro bills] are going up. Also, [there’s an increased] demand for the services, such as staff.”

This isn’t the first time that the food co-op has pursued an increase in the last few years. The group discussed a bid for the increase in the last November byelection, before opting not to pursue it. They had also made a bid in the March 2010 general election, which was voted down.

“Since the last election when we didn’t get it, it’s been a pretty bare-bones operation,” said Agnew. “We’ve been running short-staffed. It’s not a sustainable thing that we’ve done in terms of the budget cuts.”

Though she admitted it was too soon to discuss campaign strategy, Agnew did say she feels optimistic that more students will vote in favour of the increase than in 2010.

“It was close that time. The demand for our services goes up every year, so I guess there’s more students supporting us every year.”

Councilors also voted to include the question of a fee-levy increase to 2110.

Though the centre has submitted an application for a fee-levy, they have not yet made a decision as an organization on whether or not to go ahead with it, and declined to comment until after they meet later this week.

2110 reps did say that a decision on the fee-levy has not been made as an organization, but that the application was placed in order to keep the option open.

If they decide to proceed, they will be seeking a fee-levy increase of 10 cents per credit, raising their fee-levy from 29 cents to 39 cents.