CSU Off The Hook

Laforest and Gallardo Recognized by Student Union

Photo Corey Pool

After over two hours of deliberation, the Concordia Student Union special council meeting voted on April 12 to uphold the Judicial Board’s March 16 decision to reinstate CSU president-elect Schubert Laforest and VP Academic and Advocacy Lucia Gallardo.

The decision made by council is binding and cannot be appealed.

The special meeting was called following an email from CSU councilors April Underwood, Ali Moenck and Renee Tousignant to CSU Chairperson Nick Cuillerier requesting the meeting in an attempt to overturn the JB’s decision to reinstate Laforest and Gallardo after they had been disqualified.

The motion presented by the three councilors outlined their position to overturn the JB decision “on the basis that the decision was manifestly unreasonable based on procedure.”

Though none of the JB members were in attendance, due apparently to prior engagements with part-time jobs and exams, a written statement was delivered by the Chair.

“The Judicial Board complied with the Judicial Board code of procedures, the standing regulations and the bylaws in rendering their decision and the claim that the decision is ‘manifestly unreasonable based on procedure’ is unfounded,” read the statement.

The final vote on the motion gained a majority of eight votes in favor and seven votes against. However, the motion failed as a four-fifths majority vote is needed to make the motion binding per CSU bylaws.

There was much debate concerning the controversial use of a CSU members list during the meeting, and issues were raised at the possibility of losing quorum for next year’s council if the decision was overturned, however this was settled.

Several comments were made as to the eligibility of the students in question, the competency of the JB and their procedure, as well as the conduct of the CSU Chief Electoral Officer Ismail Holoubi.