CSU Exec Resigns

VP Advocacy & Outreach Pudwell Leaves for Health Reasons

Photo by Erin Sparks

Concordia Student Union VP Advocacy & Outreach Morgan Pudwell has resigned from her position on the executive roughly six weeks before her term was set to expire.

In a letter to the CSU, Pudwell states “health-related issues” as the reason for early departure.

“Though I believe some of our biggest challenges and best days are still ahead of us, I will be leaving my position as VP Advocacy & Outreach of the Concordia Student Union early in my term,” said Pudwell in the letter.

News of Pudwell’s resignation surfaced late in the afternoon on April 4, though she had officially resigned the day prior.

“At roughly midnight last night I got an email from [Pudwell] stating her resignation due to medical reasons,” said CSU Chair Nick Cuillerier. “All I can say is that it’s a really unfortunate situation, however we respect her personal choice in regards to her health conditions.”

In her letter, Pudwell made mention of the confidence she has in her fellow executives, and expressed her hopes for incoming members in the year to come.

“I hope that the incoming executive welcomes [the current executive’s] guidance—and aims to learn from our experiences with openness and the dedication to this community that it deserves,” she said.

CSU President Lex Gill said that she and the rest of the CSU executive had met with Pudwell prior to her resignation and that they offered only support and understanding.

This is the second executive that Pudwell has resigned from, following her tumultuous departure in March of last year after a falling out with her fellow executives at the time.

Though it is unclear whether Pudwell will be present at next week’s council meeting, Cuillerier assured that the issue would be addressed.