CSU Donates

Surplus Money To Go To Juripop, CUTV

In a special council meeting held on May 30 the Concordia Student Union voted unanimously to donate a total of $16,000 of their projected surplus from this year’s executive to legal clinic Juripop and campus media outlet Concordia University Television.

The special council meeting, most likely the last meeting of the current executive, was called by three councilors Cameron Monagle, Eva-Loan Ponton and Irmak Bahar.

The decision made by council will see Juripop receive $10,000 from the CSU, while an additional $6,000 will be donated to CUTV.

“After speaking with the people who called the meeting [CSU VP Finance] Jordan Lindsay and I looked through the budget and found what we feel is a fair and generous amount of money that we can put towards both organizations,” said CSU President Lex Gill.

The original motion was amended to increase the donation to CUTV to $6000 from $5000 after some discussion about operating costs with CUTV Program Director Laith Marouf who was live-streaming the meeting.

CUTV already receives a $0.34 per credit fee-levy from Concordia students, though Gill points out that this fee-levy doesn’t cover the station’s recent increase in operating costs incurred through coverage of student protests.

“People expect more from them in their day-to-day operations, their website, their content, and their live streaming,” said Gill. “Of course, extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary responses, and no one could have seen the amount of work, time, energy, and resources that CUTV would be putting into the student strike.”

Though the exact dollar amount of surplus is not yet known, the CSU is confident in their calculations.

“It could be quite bit more than we’re projecting, it could a little bit less,” said Gill. “I know that we’re in a very safe spot.”

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