An Empty Seat

CSU In Need Of A New Chairperson

  • The Concordia Student Union is hiring. Photo Corey Pool.

Though you may not know it, the Concordia Student Union is hiring.

On May 9 Nick Cuillerier informed council that he would not be pursuing a second term as Chair of the CSU.

Though his term was supposed to end on June 1, council asked Cuillerier to stick around for a few months while it began a search for his replacement.

“I was appointed chair until Sept. 30 on the interim basis,” says Cuillerier. “With regards to postering and finding someone new, I have not seen anything as of yet in the period since the executive should have started that process.”

At the same meeting that council asked Cuillerier to stay, a decision was also made to begin a search, as well as to begin advertising for the new position.

“I have not seen posters, and it’s actually not even posted on the CSU website as a job opening,” says Cuillerier. “I do not intend to stay one day past September 30.”

CSU President Schubert Laforest is hoping that the next few weeks and an influx of students on campus will draw out a willing candidate.

“Within the next few weeks we’re going to be posting the position and really advertising it as well,” says Laforest. “Hopefully we’ll be getting more applicants to find someone ideal for the position.

[We’ll be] promoting how important this position is to us and that we want to get a good pool of candidates so that we can have someone to take his place,” he added.

According to the CSU Standing Regulations, in the event that a new chair is not found the Chair of the Policy committee, which in this case is VP Clubs and Internal Nadine Atallah, will carry out the duties of Chairperson until a replacement is found.

“That’s not the ideal situation, and we’re going to keep pushing until we get a chair,” says Laforest.

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