Diego Pelaez Gaetz

  • Bring on McGill

    Women’s Basketball Team Storms Back in Second Half

    Despite an early 16 point deficit, Concordia’s women’s basketball team stormed back and dominated the second half of their semi-final matchup, beating the Bishop’s University Gaiters 65-53 at Loyola Gym on Tuesday.

  • The Walls Are Closing In

    Graffiti-inspired artist looks to clear his head with “Trapped in Thought”

    Maxime Pigeon wants you to know what it’s like to be clinically depressed, and what it’s like to feel that depression’s absence.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Candidate X

    I’m writing this letter to support candidate X. I volunteered with X at a soup kitchen/ frat party/Corey Haim memorial drug clinic/leper colony,

  • A Fiery Inferno

    What is the cost of our “just” war?

    We can’t possibly leave, we’re told.

    In 2008, a government report said that leaving Afghanistan would cause “more harm than good,” a claim recently backed-up by Liberal MP Bob Rae. We put up with it because it is the more honorable war in the Middle East, and we were justified in joining this war just as we were justified in staying out of Iraq.

  • Does WikiLeaks Deserve its Nobel Peace Prize Nomination?

    It feels strange that the biggest force for peace and transparency in the world is not a person, but a website.
    But that’s where we are now and it represents real progress.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Down With Ronald McDonald

    In light of the Concordia Student Union’s proposed boycott of McDonald’s because of a supposed group of gang members that frequents the establishment

  • Black Friday

    Stingers suffer pair of heartbreaking defeats

    In the final seconds of Saturday’s men’s basketball game against the McGill Redmen, a truly bizarre foul call seemed to go Concordia’s way,

  • Editorial

    Not All Press is Good Press

    Once again, the all-seeing eye of the media is focused on Concordia. Unfortunately, the theme of today’s programming is a familiar one for the school: dysfunction.

  • Safe Injection Sites: Aiding Addiction In What Way?

    Say what you will about the safe injection site slated to open in Montreal next summer—with or without the approval of the provincial government

  • The UN Turns a Blind Eye on Queer Rights

    The issue of confronting international homophobia is a tough one to get my head around. The first response is irrational anger.

  • Failure From the Line

    Women’s Basketball Team Misses 10 Free Throws in Loss to McGill

    A furious rally down the stretch couldn’t close the gap for Concordia’s women’s basketball team in a 61-57 loss to the McGill Martlets in the Stingers’ home opener Friday night.

  • Four Late Free Throws Save Stingers

    Victory Over Redmen First of Back-to-Back Wins For Men’s Basketball

    Stingers newcomer Kyle Desmarais calmly made four clutch free throws in the final minute to put away the rival McGill Redmen in an exciting 72-68 victory on Nov. 26 at the Loyola Gym.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Damn Leftists

    I don’t know what’s happened to our generation. We’re so cynical about everything. Since when did being opposed to something like WAR become a political opinion? Like there’s no human element to the decision, you know. It seems like anything I could possibly say about any social issue paints me into some sort of political corner.

  • Stingers Crash Out of Playoff Contention

    The Football Team’s Season Ends with Loss to Rouge et Or

    The young Concordia Stingers faced more growing pains against the powerhouse Laval Rouge et Or, as their playoff hopes were obliterated in a 62-7 loss during university football action on Saturday at Concordia Stadium.

  • editorial

    Concordia Co.

    The recent closed-door meetings between Concordia’s administration and PepsiCo. are indicative of a worrying reality on campus. Nearly every service we consume—from vending machines to food-service outlets and classroom materials—is governed by exploitative, exclusive corporate contracts that have ceased, long ago, to benefit students.

  • The Indies

    As traditional news outlets suffer from decreases in readership and advertising revenue, other models are springing up to take their place. Whether it be for a strike tactic or simply a place to experiment with alternative forms of generating revenue, the Internet has provided a whole new, cheap-to-produce world for independent media. Here are a few examples of the organizations that are shaking up the news landscape.

  • One Foot Forward for Prostitution Laws

    Canada just took a big step towards modernizing its prostitution laws. On Sept. 28, the Ontario Superior Court struck down articles 210, 212 and 213 in the Criminal Code, which will no longer prohibit sex workers from working in brothels, communicating for the purposes of prostitution and living off the avails of their trade.

  • Rue Frontenac Hits Newstands this Fall

    Print Version of Website will Focus on Investigative Reporting

    Rue Frontenac, an online publication started by the locked-out staff of Le Journal de Montréal, is coming out with a print version this fall.

  • Editorial

    Selling Our Souls

    At the Concordia Student Union’s misnamed Clubs Fair during this year’s Orientation, our seeming benefactors ended up stealing the best spot on the stage.

  • No Fighting, Doctor’s Order

    The Canadian Medical Association Patronizes Mixed Martial Arts

    Though I expect shameless, bold-faced hypocrisy from my political leaders, I expect better from the political leaders of our doctors.