Christopher Curtis

  • Con U Faculty Association Speaks Out

    CUFA Criticizes Board of Governors

    After criticizing the recent firing of President Judith Woodsworth by Concordia’s Board of Governors, the Concordia University Faculty Association announced it will hold an open meeting to discuss the university’s “crisis in governance” next Monday.

  • Movin’ On Up

    Installation of New Escalators in Hall Building Begins This Month

    The Hall Building’s infamously defective escalators will be gutted and replaced starting Jan. 17.

  • Meet Your New President

    Bram Freedman to Step In for Woodsworth

    While Concordia’s board of governors continues to search for an interim president to replace Judith Woodsworth, VP External Relations Bram Freedman will step in as acting president of Concordia.

  • Zhuo Ling Resigns

    CSU VP Finance ‘Unable to Fulfill Time Commitments

    The Concordia Student Union executive shuffle will continue into the new year as VP Finance Zhuo Ling is set to resign today.

  • CSU Shifts Gears

    Responding to a petition that calls for the Concordia Student Union to help “rebuild Concordia’s student movement,” the CSU will hold an Information General Meeting on Jan. 20.

  • Student Centre Rejected

    Near-Record Number of Voters Oppose Student Union Fee Levy

    Concordia students handed Fusion its first major political defeat last Thursday, as the slate’s proposed Student Union Building fee levy was overwhelmingly voted down.

  • Fighting Hunger

    Community Groups Struggle to Feed Record Numbers

    Sylvie is a single mother. She works full time at a minimum-wage job to provide for her two children. Faced with mounting credit card debt and a stack of other bills, Sylvie turned to a food bank to help ease the cost of feeding her family.

  • Unofficial No Campaigns Take Root

    With limited resources and no political experience to speak of, Ayanda Dube and Joseph Mynyenyiwa have emerged as the first unofficial “No” campaign in this year’s Student Union Building referendum.

  • Dismissed Auditors Fire Back

    Woodsworth Violated University Expense Directives

    The dismissal of two longtime Concordia University auditors by President Judith Woodsworth has created a compromising situation for the school with Quebec’s labour review board. In filing a grievance, the auditors have produced a trail of paperwork showing that the university’s senior administrators participated in the same type of behaviour that led to their firing.

  • ‘Wasting Away in Traffic’

    Urban Planning Prof. Rails Against New Turcot

    Transport Québec’s $3 billion plan to expand the Turcot interchange will not solve Montreal’s traffic woes according to Pierre Gauthier, an urban planning professor at Concordia University.

  • Escalator Project Awaits Green Light

    Installation of Hall Building Escalators Could Begin as early as January

    Students enjoying a three-month break from the years of construction that took place outside Concordia’s Hall building should prepare for a series of major renovations within it. A $15 million proposal to gut and replace the Hall building’s infamously defective escalators awaits approval from Concordia’s Board of Governors.

  • Culture Night Crackdown

    Era Of ‘All You Can Drink’ Nights Comes to a Close

    The Concordia Student Union will be scaling down its “all you can drink” culture nights, citing safety concerns as a factor behind the decision.

  • More Construction on Campus

    $14 Million Project to Reclad GM Begins in March

    Two Concordia buildings will undergo intensive repairs this spring.
    A $14 million project to reclad the university’s GM Building will begin this March and likely last until the end of 2011. Renovations on the western wall of the Faubourg Tower are also slated for March and will last until November.

  • Bergeron Resigns

    Montreal’s Head of Urban Planning Quits Over Proposed Turcot Overhaul

    Projet Montreal leader Richard Bergeron resigned from the city’s executive committee last Thursday after refusing to support the Ministère du Transport de Québec’s $3 billion plan to overhaul the Turcot interchange.

  • SQ Nabs ‘The Cat’

    Sureté du Québec officers ended a four-year manhunt on Oct. 31 when they arrested Jason Gabriel in Kanesatake, a small Mohawk settlement about 40 kilometres northwest of Montreal.

  • ‘The Biggest Failure’

    The MTQ’s New Turcot Plan Divides City Hall

    Although it hasn’t been officially unveiled yet, the Ministère du Transport de Québec’s plan to overhaul Montreal’s decaying Turcot interchange has already shaken up city hall.

  • The Allegory of the Cage

    Part Two: Zahabi Discusses Bullying, Offers Training Advice and Recounts How He Met Miguel Torres

    Firas Zahabi is the first Canadian mixed martial arts trainer to be nominated for a World MMA award. This week he sat down with The Link to discuss bullying, some of his training methods and his recent collaboration with fighter Miguel Torres.

  • The Allegory of the Cage

    The Link Talks to Montreal Mixed Martial Arts Trainer Firas Zahabi

    Is there a logical leap between debating Plato’s metaphysical reality and slapping an armbar on someone?
    Logical or not, Firas Zahabi made that leap when he went from Concordia University philosophy graduate to internationally renowned mixed martial arts trainer. Zahabi—whose students include UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and former featherweight champ Miguel Torres—is nominated for “best trainer” at the 2010 World MMA Awards, which take place on Dec. 1 in Las Vegas.

  • Students Sit-In Against Renewal

    ConU Moves Forward with PepsiCo Negotiations

    Nearly 40 students occupied the ninth floor of Concordia’s GM building on Oct. 27 to protest the university’s agreement to extend its contract with PepsiCo. as the exclusive provider of on-campus beverages.

  • Wiesel Speaks

    In the 65 years since Elie Wiesel survived the Holocaust, there has been no end to ethnic cleansing, genocide and mass murder on a global scale.
    Faced with this staggering reality, Wiesel refuses to be discouraged.