Christopher Curtis

  • Editorial

    The Board Wins

    In the two months following former President Judith Woodsworth’s Dec. 22 firing, a movement for change swept through Concordia. Every major union and association representing the university’s 50,000 students, faculty and staff called for a dramatic overhaul of the university’s Board of Governors, which had dismissed two university presidents in the span of three years.

  • For Your Eyes Only

    New Rule Enforces Confidentiality at Concordia

    A new Concordia regulation requires people attending certain thesis defenses at the university to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The rule was approved by the Council for the School of Graduate Studies on Oct. 18 but became the object of controversy at a Feb. 19 Concordia Senate meeting.

  • ‘This is What War Looks Like’

    Photojournalist Examines the Real Costs of Afghanistan and Iraq

    For most of the families that lose a loved one to war, one of the only physical memories that remains is an empty bedroom. In that space, these people were not just soldiers; they were brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. Thousands of miles from where they died, the fallen left behind a monument to the lives they lived and the people they were.

  • The Contested Positions

    New ASFA VPs Promise to Right Past Wrongs

    After a year that saw financial issues take centre stage at the council of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations, perhaps no position was as relevant to the 2011 Campaign as that of VP Finance.

  • Concordia Senate Backs Down

    Senate Softens Stance Against Board of Governors

    Just weeks after demanding that the chair of the Board of Governors resign, the faculty and students on Concordia’s Senate softened their tone last on Feb. 19, agreeing to defer an investigation of the university’s leadership crisis to a committee of experts.

  • Queer Concordia Reaches Out

    Student-Run Group Wants to Extend Office Hours, Services

    Queer Concordia is looking to expand the scope of its services by nearly tripling its annual budget.

  • Quartier Concordia

    Reimagining Student Space At Concordia University

    An international student stands outside of the Hall Building looking lost. He asks a stranger where Concordia is. The stranger points up at the Hall, to the EV, the MB and the GM Buildings.

  • Acclaimed: Meet Your ASFA President

    Without any candidates to debate or match wits with, Alex Gordon is running for president in this year’s ASFA general elections.

  • Bring Back the Parties

    Commentary: Does the Individual Politico System Work? 

    After an electoral campaign plagued with allegations of harassment and intimidation, the Arts and Science Federation of Associations decided to drastically reform this year’s elections.

  • City Halts Redpath Demolition

    Historic Building Still Standing After Over 25 Years of Decay

    Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay is withdrawing his support for a plan to demolish the city’s historic Redpath Mansion and replace it with a seven-story condo project.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Key Party?

    While walking up the Hall Building’s escalators I noticed a poster advertising a “Lock & Key Party” for Valentine’s Day

  • Montrealers United Against Mubarak

    Rally in Solidarity With Egyptian Demonstrators

    As thousands continued to clash with riot police in the streets of Cairo Friday, nearly 200 protesters stood outside Montreal’s Egyptian consulate calling for the country’s president to step down.

  • The Asterisk

    Seeking refuge from the poverty of Scotland, John Redpath boarded a Quebec-bound ship in 1816. When he arrived in Montreal, the city had fewer than 20,000 inhabitants and little shipping activity.

  • (Four Stories) Above the Law

    Forthcoming Redpath Development Violates Montreal’s Zoning Bylaw

    A plan to level Montreal’s historic Redpath Mansion and replace it with a seven-story condo project awaits final approval at the Ville Marie borough council next week.

  • Senate Calls for Kruyt to Resign

    University Governance ‘Extremely Unstable:’ Senator

    After weeks of instability and sniping across the university, the vote was unanimous and the debate was short last Friday, as Concordia’s Senate demanded the resignation of Peter Kruyt, chair of the university’s Board of Governors.

  • Lowy Takes Office

    Capping off a month that saw a wave of unrest sweep through Concordia, Frederick Lowy officially took office as the university’s interim president Friday.

  • Student Union Divided

    CSU Council Meeting Marked by Infighting

    The Concordia Student Union is calling for 13 members of the university’s board of governors to resign over their role in the firing of former Concordia President Judith Woodsworth.

  • Board Member Discusses Woodsworth Firing

    The student closest to the board members who fired Concordia President Judith Woodsworth is offering his perspective on why the decision was made.

  • ‘We’re all mobilized, all of us’

    In the weeks since Concordia President Judith Woodsworth was dismissed, the university’s political landscape has been upended.

  • CJLO On Funds?

    Student Radio Station Seeks Fee Levy Increase

    Concordia’s student-run radio station, CJLO 1690 AM, is exploring a possible move to an FM frequency next year.