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    Concordia Rocks the Quad

    On Sept. 9, over 2,500 Concordia students took to the Loyola Quad for a night of live music, barbecued meats and cheap beer.

    Somali-Canadian hip-hop artist K’Naan capped off the evening’s festivities, which also featured Montreal funk duo Chromeo and Toronto remix group Key’n’Krates.

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    Infighting at FASA

    A former Fine Arts Student Alliance executive is accusing the alliance’s presidents of violating its constitution.

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    Toothless Evictions

    Members of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake want to evict non-natives from their reserve; they just don’t know how.

    In February, the MCK handed out 35 eviction letters to residents of the small Mohawk community. The eviction notices were delivered to non-natives or Mohawks living with non-natives in Kahnawake—located across the St. Lawrence River from Montreal.

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    Montreal Police Formed Partnership With Canadian Army

    In the aftermath of the rioting that occurred in Montreal North in 2008, the Montreal Police consulted with the Canadian Forces to learn the army’s urban warfare tactics.

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    Students Fight Census Ban

    Montreal students are uniting in opposition to the federal government’s forthcoming ban of the mandatory long-form census.

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    A Leap of Faith

    Montreal’s only Ahmadiyya Mosque is sandwiched between a bakery and a butcher shop north of the Metropolitan highway.

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    Rebuilding from the Ruins of War and AIDS

    Thomas Prince stepped out of a plane and onto African soil for the first time in his life last year.

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    Concordia to Stop Paying for Prayer Space

    By the time Concordia University stops providing a Friday prayer space for the Muslim Student Association, there will still be 10 days left of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting.

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    Another Nail in Dorchester’s Coffin

    Demolition crews take down the final wall of a friary on René Lévesque Boulevard West.

    The building was attached to a 116-year-old Franciscan Church that burned down in February.

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    Pakistani Student Association Shaken by Resignations

    Earlier this month, two Pakistani Student Association VPs resigned from their posts accusing the association’s president of religious discrimination.

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    LIVE at Concordia

    Ten years ago, Valerie Millette began volunteering for Meals on Wheels.
    “I’d like to say I woke up one day and decided to save the world,” said Millette. “But that’s just not the truth.”

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    Crazy Like A Box

    Media democracy will now be available at the push of a button.

    Hit the bright red knob, speak into the camera and you’re online. Concordia University Television’s Box Populous is a virtual soapbox, where students can record what’s on their mind into an arcade-style console on the seventh floor of the university’s Hall building.

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    President Lucas Takes Office

    Heather Lucas has already made her mark on the Concordia Student Union’s presidential office.

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    Here’s something alarming. Dream catchers hanging from rearview mirrors. I see these on the highway all the time and it’s god damn terrifying.

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    K’naan coming to Concordia

    The quest for a proper venue is finally over.
    After an exhaustive search for a site to host Concordia University’s orientation concert, the Concordia Student Union has secured a spot in its own backyard. The concert, which features Canadian artists K’naan and Chromeo, will take place outdoors at the Loyola Quad on Sept. 9.

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    G20 Protesters in Court

    Franc Lévesque-Nichol woke up in the middle of a police raid. Like so many other G20 protesters, Lévesque-Nichol spent the early hours of June 28 sleeping in a University of Toronto Gymnasium.

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    CSU President Resigns

    Two weeks before student return to start classes, Concordia Student Union President Prince Ralph Osei has resigned.
    Headed to a scholarship in Europe, the former president leaves behind an election platform unfilled and an orientation uncompleted.
    With Osei’s departure, nearly half of the CSU executive will be unelected.

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    A Challenging Mandate

    When Mayor Tremblay announced he wanted Marc Parent to serve as Montreal’s new police chief on Aug. 19, he outlined a set of priorities for the city’s top cop.

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    Off to Court: Six Months is Enough

    The Concordia Student Union is ready for court.
    For six months, the CSU has tried to sever its ties with the Canadian Federation of Students—a national lobby group that represents college and university students—through democratic means. Now, the student union will be taking its case against the CFS before a judge.

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    Dawson College to Vote on CFS membership

    Another referendum will take place in Quebec. Dawson Student Union Chairperson Ariel Charney told The Link on Aug. 19 that the college’s students would be voting on continued membership in the Canadian Federation of Students.