Christopher Curtis

  • Montreal Police Protest

    More Than 2,500 Officers March Against Budget Cuts

    More than half of Montreal’s police force marched to city hall on Oct. 20 to protest a $35 million cut from their budget.
    Led by Montreal Police Brotherhood chairperson Yves Francoeur, about 2,500 off-duty Montreal police officers left their uniforms at home, choosing to sport their bright red Brotherhood hats and sweaters as they paraded down St. Denis Street and into Old Montreal.

  • U of Ottawa Settles Dispute With TA Union

    Accusations of University Sanctioned Espionage Still Loom

    The University of Ottawa’s administration will not be using information obtained through espionage against members of its teacher’s assistants’ union.
    In January, former University of Ottawa professor Denis Rancourt released a report detailing an alleged covert surveillance operation carried out by the university’s legal counsel between 2006 and 2008. The targets mentioned in the report were Rancourt and several members of CUPE 2626, a union representing the university’s TAs.

  • Rabbling On

    Pros and Cons of Citizen Journalism

    In 1998, Judy Rebick posted an editorial denouncing the Kosovo War on the CBC’s newly launched website.
    The response Rebick’s post received sparked a revolution for media democracy in Canada. Within hours, email began pouring into her inbox from around the world. Rebick’s editorial started a conversation with readers that inspired her to create a forum for citizens to interact with media in a way that had previously been impossible.

  • Uninvited

    Motion to Invite CUTV to Film CSU Meetings Fails

    A motion to invite Concordia University Television to film Concordia Student Union council meetings quickly turned sour at the union’s Oct. 13 meeting.

  • Undergraduates to Vote on Student Centre

    $43 Million Project Back on the Block for November Byelection

    On Nov. 24, Concordia students will vote on whether or not they want to pay a series of fee levies to fund a $43 million student centre.
    At the Concordia Student Union’s Oct. 13 council meeting, a motion to introduce a referendum question asking students to pay a $0.50 per credit fee levy that would increase for four semesters until it reaches $2.50 passed through council almost unanimously.

  • Montreal to Spend $35 Million Fighting Homelessness

    Mayor to Build 750 Housing Units, Reduce Vagrancy Arrests

    Gerald Tremblay wants to change the way Montreal deals with homelessness.
    On Oct. 13, Mayor Tremblay announced plans to build 750 new housing units for the homeless by 2013.

  • Nah’msayin?

    The Rant of Pants

    I am by no means a fashionable person, but can we institute some kind of informal moratorium on people wearing jogging pants in non-jogging situations?

  • No Place for the Homeless

    New Shaughnessy Village Condos to Transform Neighbourhood

    Young couples line up around the block. The line stretches along a steel fence on Ste. Catherine Street past a heap of rubble that used to be an Indian restaurant. Gradually, they trickle out of the warm September night into a showroom on Lambert Closse Street.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Stinger on Steroids

    Why does the Stingers mascot have bulging vascular biceps? Never mind the fact that he’s a bee who has arms and wears a sweater, what I’m concerned about is the necessity for him to be absolutely ripped.

  • Cooler Heads Prevail

    Fine Arts Co-Presidents Reach Compromise With Council

    The co-presidents of the Fine Arts Student Alliance narrowly avoided being recalled to election at the alliance’s first council meeting on Oct. 4.

  • Grad Students Protest Tuition Increases

    Fees Have Jumped as Much as 63 Per Cent Since 2009

    Braving the early morning rain and cold, 25 graduate students marched outside of Concordia University’s MB Building on Sept. 30 to protest tuition hikes for international students.

  • The Hive Café Within Reach

    Student Union says Student Run Café Coming Soon

    With the expansion of the Loyola Luncheon just a few weeks away from completion, Concordia Student Union executives are looking beyond their slate’s campaign promises to develop a sustainable student run café at Loyola Campus.

  • ‘The Death of Student Space’

    McGill Students Protest the Closing of the Arch Café

    McGill students are buckling down in their fight to re-open the Arch Café.

  • City Hall Cuts $35 Million From Police Budget

    Despite Cuts, Crime and Traffic Deaths Down Since 2009

    Even cops are affected by the economy.

  • Anglo Conspiracies Against Quebec

    Master Plan Against Quebec Nationalism Unveiled

    Take this article as a letter of confession.

    After Parti Québécois MNA Pierre Curzi discovered The Montreal Canadiens’ fiendishly clever plot to destroy Quebec nationalism, I can no longer hold in all these secrets. I feel it is my duty as a member of the city’s anglophone community to divulge what I know about the hockey club’s longstanding plan to eradicate separatism and rob Quebecers of their national identity.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Snacks in your system

    I have a one-track stomach. If the threat of developing Type-2 diabetes and losing a foot weren’t so realistic, I would only ever eat sugary breakfast cereals.

  • ATMs Keep CUSACorp Afloat

    Student Union’s Profit-Making Arm Makes Thousands Off ATM Transactions

    The only thing keeping the Concordia Student Union’s profit-making arm in the black are fees from on-campus ATM transactions.

  • ‘Revitalizing’ The Point

    Development projects forcing Point St. Charles Residents to Find a New Home

    Like most residents of Point St. Charles, Sue Vaughn is a tenant. She rents an apartment in the same building as her daughter and four grandchildren on Reading Street.

  • Steep Against the Machine

    überculture Holds Third Annual Tea-In For Public Space

    Armed with a thermos and bags of Earl Grey, überculture took a stand for student-friendly public space in Concordia’s Hall building on Sept. 16.

  • Student Attacked at Reggie’s

    I Don’t Hold Anything Against Reggie’s: Victim

    Damien Pinheiro walked into Reggie’s for a Thursday night beer with his Concordia classmates on Sept. 16.