Special Issue

  • Horrorscopes!


    According to NASA, Aquarius and Libra have disappeared from the zodiac, as lucidity and balance are no longer consciously achievable.

  • Entire Student Union Resigns

    Old prospector is new president

    90 per cent of the union’s $2 million budget to go towards the exploration and extraction of gold from Mount Royal.

  • Most Dangerous Object in the Office This Week:

    The ‘Death Board’

    t’s long, loud and the perfect office distraction—as long as you’re the one riding it.

  • It’s All Your Fault:  Cinema Politica


    “Every time you orgasm, a dolphin dies,” said James Cameron about his new film, Humanoid: AIDS of the Earth at its world premiere screening in the Hall building in collaboration with Cinema Politica.

  • Sex & Pancakes

    I recently adopted a pair of turtles, Jack and Jill, in hopes of having baby turtles by spring. But I’ve noticed that they won’t mate

  • Charge of Bias from Losing Candidate

    ‘They cost me the election, all 35,000 of them, biased’

    While reflecting on how he lost the Concordia Student Union election to a group of misfits and rascals, a sober Kenny Hollad endured Reggies’ new standing-only section.

  • Cultural Calendar

    This year on March 8, The Link joins community groups across the city, country and world to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

  • Queen Meaning

    How Drag Queens Advance Women’s Rights

    Feminism, fundraising and drag came together March 3 for ¡Ecuador Por Favor!, an event at Cabaret Mado to raise money for the advancement of human rights—specifically those of women.

  • Manly Feminism

    On Men Who Embrace the Movement

    It’s hard to grow up as a gangly, awkward, anti-social nerd with a last name like Manley and not develop a very acute consciousness of gender roles in North American culture.

  • “A Woman’s Mind Isn’t Made for Programming”

    Women Struggle to Close Gender Gap in the Tech Community

    A few weeks ago, I was taking a cab to the airport. Like me, the driver was a programmer, so we started talking about our favourite languages and sharing some of our own projects.