Thomas Shukr

  • Strikers Violate Concordia’s Code of Rights and Responsibilities

    The strike was only approved because of outrageously low voter turnouts.

  • Sex Ed Reform to Challenge Social Norms

    Can Quebec be as Bold as Ontario in Remaking its Sex Ed Curriculum?

    If striving to improve society makes a politician bold, then Quebec’s national assembly embodies mildness when it comes to education.

  • Sacrifices of the Student Strike

    Why It’s A Counterproductive Strategy Against Austerity

    ‘Tis the season for student strikes. Whether students are driven by a “Je me souviens” nostalgia for the Maple Spring that is innate to their Québécois identities or the government’s austerity policies are weighing on their fabricated economic authority, the time has come for student associations to support or oppose a strike against austerity.