Jane Lakes

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    Maple Spring 2.0

    “We’re trying to build a social movement, and something that’s going to last.”

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    Finding Solidarity with Pen and Paper

    A correspondence program for queer inmates is breaking down barriers of isolation, one letter at a time.

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    Hundreds Rally Against Bill C-51

    With tape across their mouths and signs in the air, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Montreal this afternoon to denounce the Conservative Party’s new “anti-terror” law.

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    Links in a Chain of Struggles

    When it comes to social justice causes, long-running issues can often look like complicated messes to the uneducated citizen.

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    EngWeek Brings Engineering Students to Concordia for Troitsky Competition

    EngWeek continues with a week of activities throughout Concordia’s downtown campus, after kicking off Saturday with Robowars.

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    Montrealers March for Quality Education

    Music, horns and chanting filled Montreal’s downtown core today as over a thousand took to the streets to protest Premier Philippe Couillard’s austerity measures.

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    Art in the Atrium

    Gathered on the top floor of the Hall building, a small group of students sat quietly among shelves of plants, carefully cutting, pasting and glittering a fresh batch of artistic booklets.

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    Are You Dreaming of a Green Christmas?

    It’s Boxing Day. The presents have been unwrapped, the family has finally left, the Christmas tree is somehow still intact, and the United States has produced an extra 25 million tons of waste.

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    Downsized but not Downtrodden

    Chanting “Radio-Canada, c’est à vous, c’est à nous, c’est à toi, c’est à moi!” meaning “It’s yours, it’s ours, it’s yours, it’s mine,” protesters made it clear they believe government budget cuts pose a huge threat to democracy and inhibit the public from having a voice on the radio.

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    Author Remi Kanazi Speaks at McGill on Injustice in Palestine

    Melding art with activism, author Remi Kanazi performed his poetry and spoke passionately about the social and political injustices Palestinians face during his lecture at McGill’s SSMU ballroom on Oct. 31.

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    The Many Barriers to Bodily Autonomy

    Roughly 70 people attended a panel discussion organized by the Centre for Gender Advocacy on Thursday, examining how the issue of reproductive justice relates to colonialism, environmental degradation and other forms of violence.

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    Standing Up Against Rape Culture, One Finger at a Time

    Armed with several bottles of nail polish and a wealth of sexual consent knowledge, the Concordia-based Centre for Gender Advocacy gave manicures at their MANicure event last Friday.