Special Issue

  • Where’s the Party?

    One of the best things about Montreal’s nightlife is that- on any given day of the week, no matter what neighbourhood you’re in, you’re bound to find something to do to get out of town. What we list here is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s available, but to start you off, here are The Link’s picks of some of the coolest places around.

  • Where’s the Tech?

    The Link dishes up some quick solves for your digital needs.

  • Where Are the Clubs?

    Associations and Clubs at Concordia represent a hugely important part of student life—and there are so many to choose to match your interests.

  • Where’s the Student Space?

    You might assume, as the university is an institution for educating and enlightening students, that all the space that students occupy on campus would (technically) be considered “student space.” But this is simply not so, my friends. Not so.

  • Where’s the Green Space?

    If you want to get some green downtown, your best bet is to leave. That’s right, get out of Centre Ville. Climb the mountain, take the shuttle to the green pastures of Loyola, or—fuck it—go visit McGill.

    Or, if going to McGill would hurt your pride and Loyola seems too far away, here are some slices of nature in an otherwise concrete jungle:

  • Where Are the Sports?

    Are you in the mood for some bone-crushing, hard-hitting action? Perhaps you would like to watch some slam-dunking, or some goal scoring? Or maybe painting yourself maroon and gold is just your thing. (Fall colours, brah.)

  • Where Are the Freebies?

    Having been a student on a tight budget for the past four years, I’ve had to be pretty resourceful in this city to be able to eat, make art and have fun.

  • Where’s the Culture and Music?

    For you res kids who want to stick close to home, Concordia has its own galleries. The VAV is located in Concordia’s VA building and is student-run. There is also the FOFA Gallery in Concordia’s EV building. The two host a ton of student work, so it’s a great way to support your colleagues.

  • Where’s the Library?

    No matter what you’re studying, at some point in your student life, you will have to go to the library. It’s an inevitable step in university, for better and (often) for worse.

  • Where Are the Resources ?

    Concordia security services :
    Call 514-848-3717 for 24-hour safe-walk services anywhere on both campuses. CSS also hosts ConU’s lost and found. Go to security.concordia.ca for a list of lost and found locations and for all other services provided by CSS.