Mattha Busby


    No Epiphany in the Amazon After Ayahuasca Ceremony

    Waiting for a shamanic ceremony is almost like waiting for Kanye West to take the stage. Will he provide his audience with an expensive rant or will he wow us with his repertoire? Or, I wondered, would it in fact be more like Kate Bush leading a vomit-ridden séance?

  • How to Travel to South America, or Elsewhere, on a Student Budget

    In case you’re planning on an extended Christmas jaunt with limited funds, we’ve created this fun fact-filled guide.

  • Kettled and Ticketed Under P-6

    May Day Protesters Find Themselves Swiftly Downtrodden and Dispersed

    The dark irony between police officers, who demand libre négo [with the state], suppressing the right to freedom of assembly of workers and students who oppose austerity–on International Workers’ Day–is poignant in the extreme.

  • I Backpacked Through Cuba Without Airbnb Reservations

    Airbnb’s Dropdown Lists Symbolize the Impending Tide of U.S.-Dominated “Free” Market

    Last month my friend and I backpacked from the easternmost tip of Cuba inland and beyond Havana, and back, with no travel plans nor any reservations. And we did just fine. Perhaps Americans are afraid of being stranded upon the Bay of No-Hospitality— naturally they want to make reservations this time.

  • A Budget for Bankers and Businessman

    The Unfortunate Tale of the Unbalanced Balanced Budget

    When you look at the $100bn budget, it is clear that pensioners and corporations seem to be relatively unaffected by the austere neoliberal policies that youths are disproportionately affected by.

  • Democratic Deficit Clouds Dreary Seventh Floor Dungeon

    Trash rolls down the empty boulevard at a pace similar to the erosion of the dilapidated buildings overlooking the hungry students queuing for the local soup kitchen. As they mingle and bond over watered-down spuds, socializing over the issues of the day, one asks oneself: why would I even vote if my vote won’t make a difference?

  • Montreal Hip Hop Scene Combines Rap with Altruism

    French Rapper K.O.F. Divides His Time Between Collaboration and Community

    The ultra-commercialization of big beat hip-hop by US major labels leads many to forget that this genre of music is primarily a vehicle for social change and positivity—uniting oppressed minorities within a single mode of art.

  • BDSM: Beyond Those Exciting Chains and Whips

    It’s Not Just Men Like Christian Grey Who Find Acceptance in Submission

    At the grassroots of BDSM, I have found male domination to be far less of a reality than the untrained eye may observe.

  • Jaywalking Through a Misguided System

    Why We Should Contest the SPVM’s Prioritized Crackdown of Cross-Walkers

    The traffic light count-downer, along with an authoritative palm, informs you that you have five seconds to complete your traversal. As you make it across the road just as the time expires, the law apprehends you.

  • But What if I Don’t Like Undemocratic EU-Imposed Austerity?

    Anti-austerity Protests Unite Oppressed Majorities Throughout Europe

    Sadly, Europe is perhaps the most divided it ever has been since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The EU’s solution is largely more federalism and softly reforms at a time when many countries, including Greece, need radical change.

  • Accessibilize Montreal Claims the STM Has an Institutionalized Culture of Ableism

    STM Policy Fails to Protect Clients with Limited Mobility, Advocacy Group Says

    Accessibilize Montreal campaigners questioned STM board members on whether the transport society had a corporate policy of ableism at an open board meeting on Wednesday night.

  • A Roar to Shake the World’s Foundations

    Art Exhibition Unground Explores the Excesses of Capitalist Consumerism

    Prepare to be immersed in a land which you had thought to be inconceivable: a world without capitalism. This exhibition will whisk you away from the conservative grounding most of us are long-familiar with.
    From Feb. 27 to March 15, Montrealers can take in Unground, a multi-dimensional, multi-channel video installation containing references to what the press release describes as “mineral understructures of the modern metropolis, financial meltdowns, thawing glaciers, archaic caves and volcanic, arctic wastelands at the border of the inhabitable world.”

  • How (In)Accessible is Montreal?

    Accessibility Groups Agitate for Change in the City’s Structures

    Accessible or inaccessible, lift or no lift, stairs or ramp, announcements or silence—these dualisms are inescapable in the daily life of those with limited mobility

  • The Fine Line Between Education and Exploitation

    Why Are Unpaid Internships Such a Culturally Accepted Norm?

    Unless you intend to become a one-hit-wonder, like Rick Astley, you’ll probably have to supplement your studies with an internship before you can live a comfortable life with a Peugeot and a labrador. You won’t often be paid for this in Canada, nor will you be protected by federal legislation.

  • Docville Series : Waiting for August

    Premiering in Quebec on January 29th as part of the Docville series, Waiting for August is a 2014 documentary film exploring the thematics of coming to age, longing and absence within a difficult socio-economic reality.

  • Streamlining Today, Privatization Tomorrow at Canada Post

    Dissecting Ottawa’s Neoliberal Crusade Against Public Industry

    In 2014, Canadians sent 1.5 billion fewer letters than they did in 2006, according to Hamilton. In order to avoid becoming “a drain on the taxpayer,” these reforms are a necessity, he said. One wonders, though, how Canada Post could become a drain on the taxpayer when it isn’t subsidized by the state.

  • nah’msayin’?

    I’d rather zero bus shelters than several that tease me so

    One must take shelter in an errant doorway in -30°C temperatures whilst scrambling to check the STM app in the absence of a timetable whilst keeping an eye on the bus stop from your faraway makeshift shelter.

  • You Can’t Have Your Apple And Eat It Too

    How corporately irresponsible is Apple?

    It’s very easy to blame third parties that are based in authoritarian states for the shortcomings in your supply chain. The third most profitable company of all time ought to begin taking responsibility and cease to outsource their labour to countries whose employment laws fall way below those in North America.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Feel Olive My Rage At Once

    When one loads up on Greco greens at Al-Taib or any downtown deli, one may accidentally encounter an olive lurking somewhere in the belly of one’s Mediterranean smorgasbord.

  • Unlikely Success Exists in Mexico’s “War on Drugs”

    Dawn Paley, a Mexico-based journalist from Vancouver, concluded the East Coast leg of her book tour for Drug War Capitalism at an event hosted by the Concordia Student Union earlier this month.