Special Issue

  • What Is Chiptune, Anyway?

    Chiptune—also called chip music or 8-bit—is one of the liveliest, most progressive, diversified, and wildly convoluted musical genres that you’ve probably never heard of.

  • It’s Never Been Cooler To Be Uncool

    Since the advent of hipster culture, every 20-year-old with a trust fund and a tank top let the world know that mainstream culture sucks.

  • The Third Dimension

    Like some gothic horror story, 3D makes a bold return to prominence every few decades, feeding on theatre-goers’ dollars before entering a period of slumber, to return again and feed when the planets have properly aligned in their preordained cycles.

  • Hack to Basics

    Montreal’s Hacker Community Fights Misconceptions

    Hackers have historically gotten a pretty bad rap in pop culture. They’re usually portrayed as greasy, lonely, creepy, shifty white guys who don’t know any girls, consume only junk food, and have questionable moral character.

  • Power of the Handheld

    Battle Lava’s Nintendo Inspiration

    The name Battle Lava brings some pretty pixelated imagery to mind. It sounds like it could be an early ‘90s Nintendo game that pits a young male protagonist against a world of traps, henchmen, and evil bosses, all suspended over vast seas of molten, bright orange magma.

  • Welcome to Concordia

    O, you fresh-faced ones, you newborn babes of university students. You, plucked still wet from the womb of high school; you, led straight out the daycare of cegep. Young or old, university makes uncertain, fumbling toddlers of us all.

  • Where’s the Ride?

    As a student in Montreal, even if you live downtown, you will probably be a commuter as well. Whether it’s a class at Loyola, there’s a party in the Plateau or you just want an adventure around the island, the city has a wide range of options to choose from that will get you where you need to go.

  • ConU WTF 101

    There are a lot of things about Concordia’s past you would never find in the glossy, university-issued orientation pamphlet. This school has a long, active and damn crazy record of headline-making (for better or for worse) and inspiring mobilization and conversation from coast to coast.

  • Where’s the Food?

    International Cuisine/Late Night Lifesavers/ Fill Your Fridge

  • Where’s the Party?

    One of the best things about Montreal’s nightlife is that- on any given day of the week, no matter what neighbourhood you’re in, you’re bound to find something to do to get out of town. What we list here is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s available, but to start you off, here are The Link’s picks of some of the coolest places around.