• How Concordia is Preparing For the Anti-Sexual Violence Legislation

    How the University is Handling Sexual Violence on Campus, With Deadlines to Meet Demands Approaching Soon

    The first deadline for Quebec universities to meet their obligations under Bill 151, aimed to prevent and fight sexual violence on campuses, has passed on Jan. 1, 2019, with Concordia submitting a renewed policy on sexual violence. After Quebec passed Bill 151, universities, and CEGEPs in the province have been given until Sept. 1 2019 to put in place new rules aimed to protect their students from sexual violence. How far along is Concordia in meeting their demands?

  • Timeline of the Opioid Crisis in Canada

    How Prescription Drugs, the Government’s War on Drugs, and Black Market Fentanyl Generated High Addiction Rates

    This timeline examines the catalysts that generated an opioid epidemic in Canada, and services and circumstances that sprung from the growing death toll. It looks into factors that furthered the epidemic—with the introduction of new opioids, government policies, and initiatives, such as safe injection sites, aimed to help diminish the rates of opioid-related deaths. This is not all encompassing of every event or factor leading to the growing death toll in Canada due to opiates, as well as all of the initiatives aimed to relieve this toll.

  • AVEQ May Be Forced to Shut Down Amid Decreasing Revenue

    Executives Alleged to Have Misused Association Credit Cards

    AVEQ executives and staff will be laid off this January as the association reassesses its financial stability and its continuity.

  • CSU IT Director Says Risks Involved With Online Voting Are Being Overlooked

    “Rushed Process” Results in Return to Paper Ballots, As a Plan B

    Last Wednesday the Concordia Student Union’s IT Director Camil Gagnon-Duguay brought up his concerns about online voting in an email to the CSU’s executive team. With voting for their by-election set to take place online Jan. 15 to the 17, the union voted to use paper ballots as a backup plan.

  • The Redmen Referendum: What’s Next?

    A Month After Student Vote, McGill Provost Announces Decision Will Be Made in January

    It’s been a month since McGill students stood the rain to protest the university’s varsity sports team’s name, the Redmen. Weeks later, students voted 78 per cent in favour to change the name entirely.

  • Tenants Rights Groups Demand Reforms to Rental Board

    Petitions and Protests Planned Over the Next Few Months

    Philomène Césaire found an apartment in her price range in Parc-Extension. However, the city required her to leave in winter 2015 because her landlord’s neglect of the property made it unsafe.

  • ASFA Finance Coordinator Resigns, After Allegedly Taking Petty Cash for Nutcracker Show

    Finance Policies to Be Reviewed, After $450 Is Mishandled

    The Arts and Science Federation of Associations announced a new finance coordinator will be taking over temporarily after $450 in petty cash was retracted from the federation’s office.

  • Concordia Student Union Cuts Ties with Our Turn National

    Our Turn Board Fired Without Warning

    Minutes after a phone call regarding their funding towards Our Turn National, Concordia Student Union Financial Executive John Hutton received an email from the organization informing him they’ve incorporated. The letter mentioned that Our Turn, a student-led organization that aims to end sexual violence on campuses across Canada, and gives thanks to the previous board for their service and work.

  • CSU January By-Election to Run Online

    Union Releases Costs of Cancelled Election, General Coordinator Responds to Transparency Worries

    Voting for the Concordia Student Union by-elections will take place online. CSU council agreed Wednesday night that the by-elections—initially set to take place between Nov. 27 and 29—will take place on an online platform separate from My.Concordia this January.

  • CSU Councillors and Candidates Demand Resignation of Election CEO

    Students Displeased With Claire Girard-Moreau’s Online Presence

    Concordia Student Union councillors and candidates in the by-election sent out an email Friday morning to Chief Electoral Officer Claire Girard-Moreau demanding her resignation.