• Another Complaint Against ASFA at the Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission

    Claims the Association Failed to Take Action on Sexual Harassment by Former President

    A complaint against the Arts and Science Federation of Associations is being sent to the Quebec Human Rights Commission over an alleged lack of aid to former student Harris Turpin who said he faced sexual harassment from then ASFA president Jonathan Roy, who worked as president throughout the last school year.

  • Montrealers Call for the Environment to be a Topic in Current Elections

    Over 2000 March for Environmental Issues to Stopped Being Overlooked

    In the midst of the provincial election campaign, immigration has become one of the main focal points, leaving many to feel environmental issues have been overlooked.

  • Education Debate at UQAM Throws Liberal Party to The Wolves

    Hélène David Remained on Offensive About Past Austerity Budget

    Higher Education Minister Hélène David anxiously clutched the armchair of her seat all throughout Tuesday night’s debate on education, at Université du Québec à Montréal.

  • Universities Who Attract the Most International Students Will Get Rewarded this Year

    Liberal Government Wants to Invest Heavily Over Next Five Years to Attract Foreign Labour

    Francophone universities that can attract the most international students will now be able to receive additional funding from the provincial government, under a plan proposed by the Liberals.

  • Montrealers Protest Against Fossil Fuels

    Hundreds Gather as Part of a Global Protest of California Climate Summit

    “Mister Trudeau, now the damage just got worst, you have bought yourself a pipeline that is bound one day to burst,” sang the Raging Grannies activists, to the tune of My Darling Clementine.

  • Viral Video Depicts Man Being Choked by Metro Security

    STM Security Restrain Man Who Allegedly Skipped Turnstiles in Guy-Concordia Metro

    Greg Ory—a fabricated name to protect their anonymity—was coming home from work. Ory typically takes the orange metro line to get home, but chose to take the green line, last Friday.

  • Confronting the Reality of Colonization in Montreal Through Conversation

    CSU Orientation Presents Talk on Indigenizing Society

    A collaboration with the Concordia Student Union, the Aboriginal Student Resource Centre and the First Peoples Studies Member Association, to bring awareness to the Indigenous community in Montreal.

  • CSU Daycare and Nursery Set to Open This Fall

    New Initiative Provides Space for Student Parents on Campus

    The Concordia Student Union daycare and nursery is set to open in October, providing that all permits and building requirements are met. It will be located at 1424 Bishop street and it is open to all student parents of Concordia University. Priority is given to undergraduate students, but graduate students and staff can still apply.

  • Concordia’s Mental Health Services: Little Diversity and Long Wait Times

    Some Students Struggle to Get the Most Out of Services Available

    Students dealing with mental illness confront long wait times when seeking support. Demands for mental health services have increased, as a growing number of students are reporting they are being impacted by mental illness. For non-white students at Concordia, having a counsellor who has not faced racial discrimination can complicate things, especially if a student needs to process trauma resulting from their own discrimination. But Concordia’s team of 12 psychologists, there are no people of colour to connect with students seeking a counsellor with similar experiences and understanding.

  • International Tuition Likely to Skyrocket After Mass Deregulation

    By 2019 Quebec Universities Will Have Greenlight to Set Tuition at Whatever They Please

    After mass deregulation of international programs, Concordia will be looking to increase tuition for international students in other programs by next year.