• Million Mask March Protests Mass-Surveillance

    Demonstration Moves Through SPMV Headquarters and City Hall

    Becky Calabia didn’t ask for a minute of silence to honour the late activist Jean Léger, but he still was on everyone’s mind at this year’s Million Mask March in downtown Montreal on Saturday.

  • Concordia Conference Urges Transition Away From Oil and Gas

    British Columbia Community Faces Standing Rock-Style Struggle

    Freda Huson’s keynote presentation on Saturday headlined Sustainable Concordia’s Transitions Conference, an array of presentations advocating society’s transition away from industrial energy.

  • Put All Your Eggs (and Sperm) in One Basket

    Panel on Material Donation Registry Gets to the Roots of the Situation

    Panelist at McGill University on Nov. 2 set the stage on why it is of such vital importance that we make the identities of sperm and egg donors accessible to their “offspring.”

  • Concordia Senate Update

    Voluntary Retirement Program and Building Renos Among Talking Points

    Also announced at Senate was a master plan to renovate current buildings at the school. This will be done in order to increase the flexibility of school spaces to accommodate the increasing number of students and staff, according to Michel Nadeau, Associate Vice-President of Facilities Management.

  • The Foundation of the Hive Café

    Hive Board President Optimistic Despite Financial Issues

    In order to become sustainable, the Hive Café raised food prices and cut wages. Prices for food items made in house increased by roughly ten per cent. Prices for food brought in from outside increased by about 20 per cent. All wages were cut.

  • Concordia Administration Keeping It Quiet on Rumoured Tuition Hikes

    Lack of Dialogue Between University and Students Sparks Fear

    For deregulated programs, Concordia’s Board of Governors has the final say on how much tuition costs. In June, the Board, comprised of university administration, faculty, students, and external community members, voted to raise tuition for these majors by 1.5 per cent to match the increase Quebec put on regulated programs this year. Now, there are rumours that beginning in 2017-18 future international students in deregulated programs will be forced to pay even higher fees.

  • Public Panel on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Held in Montreal

    Environmental, Refugee and Financial Concerns Among Issues Being Addressed

    The United Nations Association of Canada organized a public panel to discuss a set of Sustainable Development Goals and how Canada can help accomplish these by 2030, on Nov. 4 in the OACI building on Robert Bourassa Blvd.

  • Climate Activists Occupy Transport Minister’s Office

    Protesters Demanded Marc Garneau Denounce Kinder Morgan Pipeline, No Police Called

    Montreal climate activists occupied Marc Garneau’s constituency office in downtown Montreal on Friday morning, calling for the Canadian Transport Minister to publicly denounce the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

  • Dans La Rue Leads the Demand for Free Education

    Montreal Students Protest Tuition as Student Debt Rises Nationally

    About a hundred students gathered to protest for free education at Square Victoria park downtown this Wednesday. The protest was organized by Dans la Rue Montreal, in support of the Canadian Federation of of Students who organized protests pushing for free education all around Canada in 42 other campuses and in 28 different cities, on the same day.

  • Socks for a Cause

    Chris Costello Is the Founder of Toe2Toe, an Organization That Provides Homeless People With Socks and Shoes.

    Sometimes, it only takes one experience to change a perspective on life. This was the case for medical student Chris Costello. While he is used to being the person who works with patients, he found himself on the other side of the patient’s bed in 2012 at Saint-Luc’s hospital, where he became friends with his hospital roommate, Matt.