• Concordia Group Seeks Funding to Support Refugees

    World University Service of Canada Wants Club Status

    The Student Refugee Program, run by the non-profit World University Service of Canada, matches refugee students with Canadian universities and provides a network of financial support and guidance.

  • CSU 2017 Elections: Meet the Candidates

    Elections Runs From March 28 to 30

    Voting for the Concordia Student Union general elections will run from March 28 to 30. Three slates are running this year, Team Connect, Team Unity and Embrace ConU. Team Connect is the only slate with candidates for every position. An independent student is also running for General Coordinator. All positions are contested except the Sustainability Coordinator. Quorum for the election is 450.

  • With More Funding, L’Organe Will Be Able to Keep Printing

    Concordia’s Only French Publication Bouncing Back After Fee-Levy Suspension

    Concordia’s French-language magazine, L’Organe, has had their fee-levy reinstated—ensuring that the magazine can keep printing four issues per year.

  • ASFA Elections: Polling Extension Leads to Quorum

    Fee-Levy Increase Voted Down Again

    Extensions are allowed when elections fail to reach quorum, according to Chief Electoral Officer, Samuel Miriello.

  • Emergency Counter Demonstration Called to Oppose Far-Right

    Only a Handful of Far-Right Present

    On the steps of Montreal City Hall on March 19—surrounded by a large police presence— anti-fascist activists were steadfastly waiting. They arrived over an hour earlier to shut down a demonstration organized by the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens.

  • ASFA 2017 General Elections Referendum Breakdown

    Fee-Levy Increase and Bylaw Changes on Ballot

    Voting in the Arts and Science Federation of Associations referendum will run from March 21 to 23. ASFA represents about 20,000 students within Concordia’s arts and sciences programs. Quorum, the number of students that need to vote for the election is 435.

  • ASFA Polls Are Officially Open

    2017 ASFA General Elections Candidate Breakdown

    Voting for the Arts and Science Federation of Associations general elections will run from March 21-23. ASFA represents about 20,000 students within Concordia’s Arts and Sciences programs. Quorum, the number of students that need to vote for the election is 435.

  • Concordia Gives Accommodations for Bomb Scare

    Senate Update: Questions About MIGS Go Unanswered as History Professors Seek Explanation

    Concordia University will grant academic accommodations for students who request it, for classes that took place from March 1 to 3, when the bomb threats targeting Muslim students were made.

  • Do You Know Herbal Medicine?

    City Farm School Teaches the Art of Herbal Medicine

    Shanara Eisan learned the benefits of the tea when she took the City Farm School’s herbal medicine internship last year at Concodia, and has since incorporated the herbal techniques learned there into her health routine.

  • Campus Sustainability, a Decade in the Making

    Concordia’s Sustainability Action Fund Celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary

    Every year they use about $115,000 of what they get from students to fund student-led initiatives, explained SAF CEO Nadra Wagdy. They’ve used this amount to help finance about 35 projects per year, she said.