• A New Migrant Detention Centre Is Being Built in Laval as Quebec Hardens Stance on Immigration

    The Canadian Border Service Agency’s Migration Detention Centre Is Set to Open by 2021

    The migration detention centre is set to open in 2021, as the CAQ’s policies are strengthening to generate barriers for immigration.

  • Concordia Launches Action Plan to Indigenize and Decolonize University

    Hiring and Funding Among Priorities Outlined in Action Plan

    Concordia’s Indigenous Directions Leadership Group has just launched a 39 point action plan created in part as a response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls to action.

  • CSU Election Results: Cut the Crap Disqualified, Runners Up Elected

    Cut the Crap Wanting to Appeal CEO Decision

    The Concordia Student Union’s Chief Electoral Officer Florian Prual has announced the updated election results.

  • Number of Ineligible Voters Found on Elector List Withheld

    CEO Refuses to Reveal Number of Non-Students Invited to Vote Online

    Chief Electoral Officer Florian Prual says he won’t be providing The Link with a count of how many non-students were invited to vote in the Concordia Student Union’s general elections.

  • Cut the Crap Slate Disqualified After Being Voted in

    CEO Received ‘Strong Evidence’ of Campaigning During Polling

    The Concordia Student Unions’ incoming executive team were caught campaigning during polling period during the 2019 general elections. The Chief Electoral Officer announced Friday afternoon that Cut The Crap’s entire slate have been disqualified.

  • Timeline of the Opioid Crisis in Canada

    How Prescription Drugs, the Government’s War on Drugs, and Black Market Fentanyl Generated High Addiction Rates

    This timeline examines the catalysts that generated an opioid epidemic in Canada, and services and circumstances that sprung from the growing death toll. It looks into factors that furthered the epidemic—with the introduction of new opioids, government policies, and initiatives, such as safe injection sites, aimed to help diminish the rates of opioid-related deaths. This is not all encompassing of every event or factor leading to the growing death toll in Canada due to opiates, as well as all of the initiatives aimed to relieve this toll.

  • Administration Responds to Tuition Hikes Imposed on Three JMSB Programs

    CASA Not Taking a Stance on the Tuition Increase

    The administration and the Commerce and Administration Students’ Association have responded to the imposed tuition hikes in three JMSB programs. These programs within the Goodman Institute of Investment Management will rise from the current price of $18,000 to $24,000 for Quebec and out of province students by 2021 and will increase to $29,000 for international students by 2021.

  • Alumn Says She Was Able to Vote Online in CSU Elections

    Chief Electoral Officer Says All Invalid Votes Will Be Withdrawn

    Madelaine Sommers graduated from Concordia in the summer of 2018. Yesterday morning, she received an email alert inviting her to vote in the Concordia Student Union’s general elections.

  • Abusing Stimulants: Students are Still Relying on Adderall to Study

    Stimulants Often Used Without Prescription, With Many Selling or Giving Out Their Pills

    Adderall is a stimulant used to help those with ADHD. However, some students are using them unprescribed, or in some cases, depending on them to aid their studies by promotion of focus.

  • Pipe Dream: Canada’s Love of Oil

    Our Nation’s Oil, From Alberta to Saudi Arabia

    As TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline was exiled in 2017, the TransMountain pipeline is still awaiting approval from the Federal government, but could commence this summer if accepted. The fight between environmentalists and those in favour of the economy and oil has been long. But for those disapproving of Canadian oil, how does Saudi Arabian oil fit into the picture?