• CSU Appoints New Finance Coordinator

    Thomas David-Bashore To Start Mandate As Soon As Possible

    Thomas David-Bashore has been appointed as the new finance coordinator of the Concordia Student Union. He was voted in through a secret ballot during a special council meeting on Nov. 30, by the CSU council.

  • Is Feminism Too Exclusive?

    Women of Colour Speak Out About the Importance of Intersectionality in Feminism

    The feminist movement was created to give women an equal social, political and economic standing as men–but last Saturday during a “Tout le Hood en Parle,” some said that it can feel exclusive to many.

  • Hundreds Come to Celebrate NDG Food Depot’s 30th Anniversary

    Pillar of Community Helps Those Who Help Others to Help Themselves

    Volunteers carried crates of bread and potatoes, helping to arrange food baskets for the hundreds of visitors expected to come to the NDG Food Depot’s 30th Anniversary celebration yesterday, Nov. 29.

  • CSU Council Passes Migrant Justice Position

    Calls University to Adopt “Sanctuary Campus” Status

    A sanctuary campus would protect undocumented students from investigations on their migrant status and deportation. It would also allow them access to services around campus, and the rights given to everyone else regardless of their documentation.

  • Concordia University Admin Visits Middle East

    President Alan Shepard Signs Agreements With Universities in Israel and Jordan

    Shepard visited four universities in Israel and Jordan as part of Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre’s trade mission to the region from Nov. 13 to Nov. 18. Concordia signed agreements with Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, Ben-Gurion University and Jordan University of Science and Technology during the trip.

  • Concordia Fine Arts Class Draws on the Neurosciences

    Convergence Initiative Unites the Arts and the Sciences

    During the course, 20-odd Fine Arts students will attend monthly lectures and private tours, alternating between focusing on the use of art in the sciences and vice versa.

  • CSU Recap: Council Goes Into Closed Session to Discuss Finance Coordinator Resignation

    Motions Passed to Fund Demolition of Future Daycare Site and Renovate Reggie’s Storage Basement

    The Concordia Student Union council meeting on Nov. 23 went into a closed session and the media was asked to leave for almost two hours to discuss the events that had led to the resignation of the previous finance coordinator Andrian Longinotti, according to the CSU General Coordinator, Lucinda Marshall-Kiparissis.

  • ASFA 2016 By-Election Breakdown

    ASFA to Fill Empty Executive Position and Looking to Increase Fee-Levy

    Voting for the Arts and Sciences Federation of Associations by elections will begin this week and run from Nov. 28-30. ASFA represents about 20,000 students within Concordia’s Arts and Sciences programs.

  • Hundreds Say “We Believe You” to the Indigenous Women of Val-d’Or

    Supporters Gathered to Show Solidarity at Place des Arts

    “We believe you,” chanted several hundred people gathered at Place des Arts last night, in hopes that the Indigenous women in Val-d’Or who said police officers abused them for years would hear.

  • Polished Accents and Pulled-back Hair

    Concordia Panel Explores Feminism’s Whitewashed History

    The truth is, white feminism goes so much deeper than not representing all people, regardless of race, gender or religion.