• Concordia Student Stuck in Palestine Unable to Give Birth in Canada

    Government Office Promises to Bring Bissan Eid Home After Birth

    Bissan has been in Gaza since last June, when she had gone to visit her aging grandparents and get married, an open letter from Amnesty International Canada explained. She began trying to return to Canada in December, but has been unable to due to the slow processing of an exit visa from the Israeli government.

  • AVEQ Moving Up in Size

    Election Results and Highlights From Their Weekend Congress

    The Association for the Voice of Education in Quebec had their elections last Friday, and after a year of only having two to three executives at a time, they now have a full slate of six. Those elected will start working in May.

  • Concordia Takes Action to Protect Survivors of Sexual Violence on Campus

    Amendments to Code of Rights and Responsibilities, Updates from Board of Governors

    Additions made to Concordia’s Code of Rights and Responsibilities at a Board of Governors meeting on April 19 enables the university to further protect survivors of sexual violence on campus. *

  • French Natives in Montreal Voice their Anger Towards the Presidential Elections

    Anti-Fascists gather at French consulate to discuss French elections

    “Ni patrie, ni patron, ni Le Pen, ni Macron” is the slogan that several left-wing French citizens have adopted since the results of the first round of the French presidential election became known.

  • Montreal Marches for Science Research and Funding

    Climate, Evidence-Based Policy, and Academic Freedom On The Line

    “We are gathered here on Earth Day, aghast at what has become of our habitat,” said Dr. Peter Shizgal, a Concordia University professor in behavioural neurobiology. Hundreds gathered for the Montreal March for Science on April 22.

  • International Students Hit by Surprise Tests by Quebec Immigration

    “Unconstitutional,” “Racial Profiling” Language Exams Put Residency Status in Jeopardy

    Close to 600 international students faced surprise exams by the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion which put into question their eligibility for permanent residence in Quebec.

  • Pro-Assad and Anti-War Protesters Gather to Oppose Trump’s Strikes

    Montreal Protest Held in Response to Airstrikes in Syria

    *Protesters gathered at Norman Bethune Square Sunday for an emergency rally opposing President Trump’s recent airstrikes. The U.S. government retaliated against the Syrian regime for the chemical attacks allegedly conducted by the government on April 4.

  • Concordia Says No to German Minor

    Program Suspended While University Reviews

    Starting next fall, admissions for the German Minor at Concordia will be closed.

  • Undergraduate Students Save Money on New CSU Insurance Plan

    New Contract with ASEQ to Begin in Fall 2017

    Undergraduate students will be paying less for their health and dental insurance starting next fall, thanks to a new deal the Concordia Student Union is entering with its insurance provider, the Alliance pour la santé étudiante au Québec.

  • eConcordia System Hacked

    Student Emails, Personal Information Vulnerable

    An email sent out on April 11 read that, “specifically that your name, your Concordia ID number and your email address, may have been consulted or obtained” via unauthorized access to the sites’ information system. The school says no financial information or student records have been affected.