• Defederation denied

    National lobby group won’t recognize results of CSU March referendum

    On May 28, the CSU called for a motion to have their referendum to defederate from the Canadian Federation of Students recognized by the national lobby group at its annual general meeting in Ottawa. CFS chairperson Katherine Giroux-Bougard shot the motion down immediately, ruling it out of order.

  • Sense and censorship

    Alternative media: telling the whole story

    The urge to censor is universal, stemming from our desire to shape reality to fit our worldview, and it can take many forms. The urge to silence a voice can come from many directions: from the government, from advertisers, even from the public whom the media is trying to inform. To complicate matters, censorship doesn’t just come from above.

  • Turning it in

    Concordia pilots anti-plagiarism software this summer

    Quietly over the summer session, Concordia’s Centre for Teaching and Learning Services has piloted an American-based anti-plagarism software called Turnitin in the university’s classrooms over the last three weeks.

  • 50 cent raise on minimum wage

    Still pays less than poverty line

    Quebec’s minimum wage increased by 50 cents on May 1, as the province’s 320,000 lowest paid workers will now make $9.50 an hour. Despite rising at nearly three times the rate of inflation since the wage was set at $7.30 an hour in 2003, a 40-hour work week at the new minimum wage would still pay less than Canada’s poverty line.

  • Montrealers unite against Israeli flotilla attack

    Protesters across Canada call for end to Gaza blockade

    Hundreds of Montrealers marched through the city’s rainy streets on June 5 to protest the Israeli Navy’s lethal attack on a Gaza-bound aid ship a week earlier.

  • PQ study finds use of French waning in Montreal

    According to a study the Parti Québécois published in April, the use of the English language could surpass French in Montreal as early as 2016. The PQ concludes that by 2016, the percentage of Montrealers speaking French as a first language will drop from 79 per cent in 2006 to 43 per cent.

  • The R-word

    Sexual Assault Awareness month teaches women how to stay safe

    They say you always remember your first time. That is especially true when you lose your virginity — not to a high school sweetheart or some stupid drunken fling — but to a rapist.

  • Building anarchism, one page at a time

    Montreal’s Anarchist Bookfair celebrates its 11th edition

    Glass shards lay scattered on the ground in front of a large chain store on Ste-Catherine Street West. A young punk, his face covered with a black bandana, screams at a line of riot police. Molotov cocktails and rocks fly through the air. Though these are the typical images associated with anarchism in Montreal, there’s a much broader picture to the political ideology that stems back over a century in this city.