• Montrealers unite against Israeli flotilla attack

    Protesters across Canada call for end to Gaza blockade

    Hundreds of Montrealers marched through the city’s rainy streets on June 5 to protest the Israeli Navy’s lethal attack on a Gaza-bound aid ship a week earlier.

  • PQ study finds use of French waning in Montreal

    According to a study the Parti Québécois published in April, the use of the English language could surpass French in Montreal as early as 2016. The PQ concludes that by 2016, the percentage of Montrealers speaking French as a first language will drop from 79 per cent in 2006 to 43 per cent.

  • The R-word

    Sexual Assault Awareness month teaches women how to stay safe

    They say you always remember your first time. That is especially true when you lose your virginity — not to a high school sweetheart or some stupid drunken fling — but to a rapist.

  • Building anarchism, one page at a time

    Montreal’s Anarchist Bookfair celebrates its 11th edition

    Glass shards lay scattered on the ground in front of a large chain store on Ste-Catherine Street West. A young punk, his face covered with a black bandana, screams at a line of riot police. Molotov cocktails and rocks fly through the air. Though these are the typical images associated with anarchism in Montreal, there’s a much broader picture to the political ideology that stems back over a century in this city.