• President Lucas Takes Office

    New Concordia Student Union President Doesn’t Believe In ‘Half-assing It’

    Heather Lucas has already made her mark on the Concordia Student Union’s presidential office.

  • Quebec gets peek at president’s tuition plan

    Quebec university students to pay Canadian average for tuition by 2020

    If Concordia President Judith Woodsworth has her way, your tuition might start an eight-year climb in 2012 that will bring it to the Canadian average of $5,000 a year.

  • TAPthirst to fight bottled water on campus

    By January 2011, Concordia could be the first bottled water-free campus in Quebec, if TAPthirst Concordia, a student group lobbying against the privatization of water, has their way.

  • K’naan coming to Concordia

    Award winning hip-hop artist to perform at student union’s orientation

    The quest for a proper venue is finally over.
    After an exhaustive search for a site to host Concordia University’s orientation concert, the Concordia Student Union has secured a spot in its own backyard. The concert, which features Canadian artists K’naan and Chromeo, will take place outdoors at the Loyola Quad on Sept. 9.

  • Student Union loans $45,000 to volunteer program

    Little opposition on council to use of presidential decree

    Prince Ralph Osei’s last presidential decree in office was approved on the evening of Aug. 23 as the Concordia Student Union Council endorsed a $45,000 loan to the Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program.

  • G20 Protesters in Court

    300 appear to face charges in Toronto

    Franc Lévesque-Nichol woke up in the middle of a police raid. Like so many other G20 protesters, Lévesque-Nichol spent the early hours of June 28 sleeping in a University of Toronto Gymnasium.

  • CSU President Resigns

    VP Services Heather Lucas appointed to finish term

    Two weeks before student return to start classes, Concordia Student Union President Prince Ralph Osei has resigned.
    Headed to a scholarship in Europe, the former president leaves behind an election platform unfilled and an orientation uncompleted.
    With Osei’s departure, nearly half of the CSU executive will be unelected.

  • Can you dig it?

    History comes alive during Quebec Archeology Month

    Piles of dirt. Small shards of broken pottery. Piecing chunks of mystery objects together like the world’s most complex jigsaw puzzle, but without the luxury of a box cover to show you what the final product should look like.

    Real archeology is a far cry from it’s swashbuckling depictions in popular culture. Indiana Jones spent more time shooting Nazis than cataloguing layers of sediment and Brendan Frasier’s The Mummy dealt more with the supernatural powers of artifacts than their historical context.

  • A Challenging Mandate

    ‘Racial profiling must be addressed by new police chief’: community leader

    When Mayor Tremblay announced he wanted Marc Parent to serve as Montreal’s new police chief on Aug. 19, he outlined a set of priorities for the city’s top cop.

  • A Greener Concordia

    Green wall to Blossom on Reggie’s Terrace

    Concordia students will enjoy a greener Reggie’s terrace this fall.

    Co-operative Verticale and Concordia University collaborated to build the school’s first green wall. Two large steel brackets—each approximately four feet by eight feet—are fixed to the wall on Reggies terrace on either side of an existing mural and filled with plants.