Going to Town (Hall)

Students Discuss Impending Strike

Photo Adam Kovac

Concordia is not a town, but it does have a Hall building, whose room H110 was the home to a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday afternoon to educate students on the fight against the impending tuition hikes.

“I thought it went really well,” said Graduate Students Association Senator Holly Nazar, who gave a talk about the specific issues that would face students if they engaged in a general strike. “Hopefully next time there will be more people, because obviously it was short notice because that’s when we [found out we] had the room.”

Roughly 70 students watched Nazar’s presentation, followed by a question and answer period with CSU President Lex Gill and CSU Councilor Irmak Bahar.

Nazar said that, in the case of a strike, it would be “unlikely” for students to lose a full semester that they’ve paid for, and that the university would most likely just extend the semester.

Gill addressed a controversial letter sent out to students last week by Provost David Graham which said that the administration would not acknowledge or accommodate a strike. Referring to Graham’s promise that it would be business as usual, Gill said merely “It won’t.”