• Reporter Supports Israel Defense Force

    Yaakov Katz’s Claims Contradict UN Findings

    International media may be biased against Israel, claims Yaakov Katz, the military correspondent for The Jerusalem Post.
    “Israel has a legitimate story to tell,” he said to journalism students and professors at Concordia last week during a lecture on reporting in the Middle East. “But it’s very difficult to get that story into today’s media.”

  • Seville Comes Down

    Montreal Theatre to be Replaced by Condos

    Montreal’s Seville Theatre was torn down on Oct. 7.
    The theatre, which decayed on the city’s western edge for the last 25 years, was destroyed to make room for three condo towers to be built by Montreal developer Prével, a project estimated at $112 million.

  • ASFA Elections Under Way

    Typically-Low Voter Turnout Be Damned

    As the Arts and Science Federation of Associations campaigning period for a VP Communications came to a close on Oct. 11, all parties are now hoping that students just show up to vote.

  • Mapuche Hunger Strike Continues

    Chilean Prisoners Protest Deforestation and Anti-Terrorism Laws

    Fourteen Mapuche aboriginals say they are willing to starve themselves to death in a Chilean prison to draw the eyes of the world to their villages, which they say are being leveled by the forestry industry.

  • More G20 Charges Dropped

    In a move that some are calling an admission of wrongdoing by the police, many Quebecers who had been charged with conspiracy during June’s G20 Summit in Toronto had those charges dismissed on Oct. 8.

  • The Age of Collaboration

    The Macrowiki World is Upon Us: Don Tapscott

    Don Tapscott is an author, media theorist and optimist.
    The author of Macrowikinomics thinks the world has finally had the wakeup call it has been waiting for after having barely avoided the collapse of the global economy in 2008.

  • QPIRG to Charge Flat Rate Fee

    The Quebec Public Interest Research Group, Concordia’s grassroots and social activist organization, will charge a $10 membership fee to student and non-student members alike.

  • Tall Order at Montreal’s World March of Women

    With education, health care, employment, housing and gender-based violence on the agenda, the Quebec Women’s Federation will be walking under a big banner at the World March of Women.

  • Montreal, Undercovers

    Two Festivals have something for the naughty and the nice

    Montreal is a city of contradictions: it’s a hot-blooded city that suffers through a long, cold winter. It’s notorious for having strip-clubs inches away from downtown churches. For years, the city was dominated by the church while still boasting the title of Sin City North.

  • Cooler Heads Prevail

    Fine Arts Co-Presidents Reach Compromise With Council

    The co-presidents of the Fine Arts Student Alliance narrowly avoided being recalled to election at the alliance’s first council meeting on Oct. 4.