• Justice for Anas

    Inquest into 2005 Police Shooting Continues

    The coroner’s inquiry into the death of Mohamed Anas Bennis will resume despite efforts by the Montreal Police Brotherhood to have the case closed.

  • Briefs

    A 26-year-old man stabbed outside a bar in Point St. Charles last month succumbed to his injuries and died on Sept. 30.

  • Sisters not Statistics

    March Commemorates Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

    Over a dozen placards with pictures of smiling, missing aboriginal women adorned the statue in Cabot Square on Oct. 4, looking into a 200-strong crowd that gathered for the fifth annual Sisters in Spirit march to honor the 582 recorded missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.

  • Alleged G20 Conspirator’s Legal Defence ‘Hampered’

    Prosecutors Refusing to Make Copies of Evidence Against Pat Cadorette Available to Him

    Almost four months after the G20 meeting in Toronto culminated in the arrest of over 1,100 activists and bystanders, several alleged conspirators are anxious to present their side of the story to a judge.

  • The Hive Café Within Reach

    Student Union says Student Run Café Coming Soon

    With the expansion of the Loyola Luncheon just a few weeks away from completion, Concordia Student Union executives are looking beyond their slate’s campaign promises to develop a sustainable student run café at Loyola Campus.

  • Striking Laws for Sex Work

    Current Law Violate the Charter: Ontario Court

    An Ontario Superior Court Justice struck down three Canadian prostitution laws on Sept. 28, deeming them a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

  • ‘The Death of Student Space’

    McGill Students Protest the Closing of the Arch Café

    McGill students are buckling down in their fight to re-open the Arch Café.

  • Fight the Night

    Women March Against Violence, Sexual Oppression

    Clad in red and steadfast against spurts of pouring rain, 300 women gathered outside the Berri-UQAM Metro station on Sept. 24 for Take Back the Night, an annual march denouncing the violence and sexual exploitation of women.

  • What the Frak?

    Drilling for shale gas in Quebec’s St. Lawrence Valley has been put on hold.

  • Number 14

    Despite a bumpy road, Windsor might be the latest out of the CFS

    Robert Woodrich and Jake DeJong aren’t getting much sleep lately.